Tuesday, December 18, 2018

50+ Practical Stocking Stuffers You Can Use All Year Long

In the past I have shared about what are favorite tradition is with having breakfast in a stocking, but I also like to add something practical that they can use in their stocking too. Something that won't break and is practical. Sometimes it is a toy but more often it is something they can use.

I love when I see my kids using something from Christmas all year long, I like know that my money was well spent and not wasted!

I try to do that with gifts too --if you are still looking for gift ideas here are some for teen boys, Christian men, craft kits for girls, toys for active children, STEAM toy list,  and some of my favorite wood toys.  I also like getting books for the kids that they can enjoy all year. Here is a booklist for boys and girls that you might like. And spiritual-themed gifts are great too.

Now if you are looking for some actual stocking inspiration here is a nice list of practical items you can get as stuffers. I have included a mix for you of children and adult items so be sure to click through the links to see if it is something you think you can use:

1. toothbrushes (electric are fun)
2. lip gloss
3. underwear
4. jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, or rings)
5. gloves
6. hats
7. socks
8. hairbows
9. brushes
10. wallet
11. purse
12. lotion kit
13. notepads
14. marker sets
15. makeup bag
16. soap
17. phone case cover
18. lipstick 
19. perfume
20. cologne
21. giftcard
22. phone screen shield
23. ear phones
24. scarf
25. earmuffs
26. mini journal
27. nail polish
28. makeup brush kit
29. bubble bath
30. bath bombs
31. booklights
32. pen
33. pocket Bible
34. water bottle
35. mugs
36. cups
37. gum
38. mini flashlight
39. pocket knife
40. wireless phone charger
41. pop socket phone grip
42. nail kit
43. sewing kit
44. shaving cream
45. essential oils
46. alarm clock
47. activity tracker
48. sunglasses
49. Tile Key Finder
50. Google Mini/ Amazon Echo (we use ours everyday!)
51. Sprocket Printer
52. Bluetooth speaker
53. Firestick
54. Kindle 
55. Apron (rolled up)
56. small kitchen tools

Every year I tend to need to replace some stockings and update some of them too. Although one of my daughters has had her stocking for over 25 years and is very sentimental towards it. We have tried to get her to replace it and she just won't!

Pssst...if you are an Amazon Prime member many of these stuffers will get to you in time for Christmas and you never have to leave the house, it is by far my favorite way to do all the things I need to do for the holidays.

What are your favorite practical stocking stuffers?

Please share them with us!

Note: This post contains affiliate links--thanks for your support!

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