Monday, June 13, 2022

Father's Day Gift Ideas That He Will Love

Are you looking for a special gift for dad?

You might have several dads in your life---your husband, son(s), father, grandfathers, uncles, in-laws, and friends and sometimes finding them gifts that would be encouraging and clean can be a challenge.

I know that my husband loves spending time together as a family (he is a big family man) but not so keen when it comes to shopping--especially for himself. He only does it when he absolutely has to or when the need arises (which is probably how many husbands are), but I know that can pose a challenge to women who are looking for something to get them. 
Sometimes we need a little inspiration!

So today we are sharing some gift ideas that might help you! (And the best news is that most of the items listed here you can get in 2 days with free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime Member so you can get it in time for your special guy!)

Let's begin:

1. Bible or Leather Bible

Other books of interest:

Study Bibles
A Man After God's Own Heart
A Leader After God's Own Heart

2. Coffee Lovers - Organic Coffee or Coffee Maker

Get organic coffee here and a coffee maker HERE. 

Or maybe a coffee gift card would do.

3. Beard Grooming Kit

You can find it HERE.

4. Shaving Kit

You can find it HERE.

Or get regular electric shaving kits HERE.

5. Tool Gift Set

You can find it HERE.

6. Faith Gear

You can find Christian Men's Hoodies HERE.

Or Men's Christian jewelry HERE.

7. Men's Cologne & Body Spray

You can find it HERE.

8. Summer accessories

9. Cufflink Gift Set

You can find it HERE.

10. Electronics Charging Station

You can find it HERE.

And this one HERE.

11. Portable Phone Charger 

You can find it HERE.

12. Smart Watch or wristband

You can find it HERE. 

Or Airpods that he can take anywhere:

13. Art of Manliness books

Get Manvotionals HERE.

You can find it HERE.

14. Manly Soap (this was super popular in our Gift Ideas for Teen Boys post)

There is even Sasquatch soap and Cowboy soap!

You can find the complete set HERE.

15. Water or Coffee bottle

You can find the water bottle HERE. 

Or YETI tumbler HERE.

16. Bluetooth Speaker

You can find them HERE.

17. Grilling Gift Set

You can find them HERE.

Don't forget the Grilling Apron!

And don't forget the Hot Sauce!

These Bear Claw Shredders help to shred meat quickly!

18. Blackstone Griddle (I want one of these--the 36 inch size for my big family! I might ask for this for my birthday.)

You can find it HERE.

 19. Gift Cards to favorite place 

You can find these HERE.

Or maybe they prefer coffee at places like Starbucks.

 20. Food (restaurant gift card) --they say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach!

You can the Outback Steakhouse gift card HERE.

Or you can browse different restaurant options HERE.

This one is my favorite of all time!

I hope this list is a blessing to you!

What would you add to this list?

Note: This post contains affiliate links--thanks for your support!

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