Saturday, April 24, 2021

Our Favorite Lamplighter Books {& AudioDrama}

Growing up, several of my now adult children enjoyed many of the Lamplighter books. If you have not heard of them, they are a collection of rich vintage books that inspire young and old with their captivating and inspirational characters. Some of the Lamplighter book collections even contain stories from history.  And they are a great choice when wanting to get some rich literature in.

Every time we went to a homeschool convention I had one daughter that would always pick up a new Lamplighter to add to her collection! We truly enjoyed the fact that several had stories that would strengthen their faith and encourage good character. 

There are different categories- Fireside, Classic Renaissance, Epic, & Scholar. They are great for all ages up to adult!

Here were some of our favorites:

The Basket of Flowers

Teddy's Button

The Hedge of Thorns

Jessica's First Prayer

The Hidden Hand

The White Knights

Christie's Old Organ

They also have a Lamplighter Audio Collection that is definitely worth mentioning in case you'd like to listen to it instead;

You can find it HERE.

Have you read them or listened to them?

Share you favorites with us!

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