Thursday, August 31, 2017

Our Visit to the Benjamin Harrison Home (Our 23rd President)!

I recently shared with you some of our 25th anniversary pictures of our gondola boat ride and bed and breakfast we visited and promised I would share some pictures of our visit to the Benjamin Harrison home which was just a few blocks down from where we stayed.

Be prepared for a very long post of pictures!

Here is the actual font view of the house but the grounds are way bigger and very beautiful.

A sign in front of the house before you walk in. 

I wish we would have captured a better picture--this is the front parlor. 

This is a painting of his second wife, Mary.
She  wanted to preserve the home so people would be able to come and see it. 

This is a piano that she enjoyed playing.

This is the kitchen where the food was prepared.

This is an ice chest--ice would go on the left and keep the food on the right cool like a refrigerator.

This was an informal table in the kitchen that the children would often eat at. 

This is a highchair with tin cup. 

This is the ironing board and iron. 

This is a baking table for making bread and cookies.

This was the sink.

They had many of these fancy chairs in the front rooms. 

This was his custom built bookcase in his office where he did his work. 

This portrait above the fireplace is of his grandfather 
who also was our 9th president, William Henry Harrison.

Do you recognize that painting on the right?

This is our tour guide--he was pretty awesome and full of amazing facts. 
He was showing us the formal dining room
 where the Harrison family used to enjoy having company.

See the small pantry in the background?

The plates inside this cabinet where from the White House. 

Benjamin's wife picked the patterns for these dishes that you see on the upper shelf. 

This was his bedroom where he died of pneumonia.

Can you guess what this is?

It is something like a home gym--his wife would use these for exercising. 

This beautiful dress belonged to his older daughter. 

This was her bedroom. 

This adjacent small room held a cradle, baby bed and---

this stroller! Boy, have we come a long ways with strollers!

This was his youngest daughter, Elizabeth, 
and because he had her later in his years she was the apple of his eye. 
He adored her!

This was her bedroom with doll and tea set on a pretty little table. 

This was one of his desks that was on the third floor that he would write many of his presidential letters on. On the right hand side his mail was stored. This house is huge--over 10,000 square feet and very beautiful all with the original furniture. I highly recommend visiting it if you are able to!

I hope you enjoyed our pictures!


Anonymous said...

Thank You for the tour of President Benjamin Harrison's home. President William Harrison was the grandfather of Benjamin, President William Harrison died of pneumonia in the white House. I enjoyed the photos.
. Marion

Jennifer Williams said...

Beautiful pictures! I would love to see this house in person. You must have had a fun trip. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Anonymous said...

What an interesting and educational post. I enjoyed seeing all the rooms and furniture in the house. Thank you for sharing your visit to the Benjamin Harrison House.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the tour. Thank you


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