Monday, August 28, 2017

Fighting for Your Family's Future

"Sometimes our families are drowning right in front of us and we are not even there.

If you are trying to raise a family in this generation you know that we are living in a crazy, crazy culture.

And to keep the family together, to keep the integrity of the family is a challenge.

There are forces tearing our families apart left and right,

families are disintegrating all around us,

many families are struggling to stay together,

children are struggling to connect with their parents,

parents are struggling to stay together in their marriage,

spouses that are at each other's throats,

in-laws that can't get along all the time,

there is extreme pressure on families together to stay together in this day and age."

Dear friend, are you fighting for your family's future?

If we are honest, we all are. 

Please take the time to watch this important message below:

I had the chance to listen to this sermon last weekend and it is SO worth listening to!

Pastor Mark covers the following crucial topics:

1. The Battle for the Heart

2. The Battle for the Head

3. 9 Ways How We Exasperate Our Children

4. Training & Instruction of Children

“The family is the most important institution of the world, 

if the home goes, the nation is going to go.”

~ Billy Graham

I hope it is a blessing to you as you build up your homes!

If you need more encouragement on this topic, we recommend our book How to Build a Strong Christian Home:

Most of us love our families very much but we struggle in so many different ways, and sometimes we just need a little help and guidance to become the family we know the Lord wants us to become. 

Our families are a blessing and worth the patience, love, and time to invest in building a strong Christian home for God's glory and we can do this one step at a time.


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