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How to Help Your Child Set New Year's Goals

Don't you love a new start?

Our kids do too!

Just how we as adults take time and plan and prepare for a new year it is also sometimes beneficial to help your children to set new year goals as well.

One year one of my sons really took his list of goals to heart --checking it all year and trying his best to follow many of his goals. He kept us updated, sharing with us what he had accomplished, and what he still needed to work on. It was neat to see how much his list impacted his life to strive for the better through the months. And he was only ten!

Now this didn't happen with every child (like it doesn't happen in reality with us adults either) but it is always a good to look to the future and chart a course.

Some of the benefits of doing this with your children are:

1. They learn to reflect and see what God has done in their lives.

2. They learn how to plan.

3, They learn how to make goals for themselves and the satisfaction of accomplishment.

4. They consider how to grow closer to God.

5. They practice writing and thinking skills at the same time.


We like to ask our children specific questions and then ask them to write them out in their journals (you can find some here for children or teens) or a place they can access it easily. Sometimes I just have them write it out in their Creative Writing journal for school to keep it easy and accessible.

The questions are simple:

  • What were the highlights of 2022?

  • What change are you looking forward to in 2023?

  • Write out any goals. You can help them by giving categories like finances, education, personal growth, character, physical, etc.

  • How do you plan on growing spiritually this year?

It is also a wise idea to have your children pray over what they choose. I love directing them to our Heavenly Father who guides us in all areas! I always want them to turn to Him and seek guidance in all areas of there lives over everything.

Do you help your child set New Year's goals?

What would you add to this list?

We'd love to hear them--please share them in the comments below!

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