Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How to Plan the New Year with Your Husband

If you and your husband like to plan, you might want to make it a tradition to plan your new year together.

My husband and I always like to do this every year and it helps us to address the important things and set a course when life can get busy.


  • you are moving forward together
  • you can support one another
  • you can pray for one another
  • you are united in what you see for the future for your family


You can do it anywhere--we definitely have! Sometimes we will sit for hours and talk and other times it can be quick and to the point depending on the day and the season of life we are in. Here are some ideas of where you can plan:

  • at home on a comfy couch
  • in a coffee shop
  • a restaurant
  • on a getaway at a hotel


  • a pencil or pen
  • a planner or paper to take notes
  • your phone if you like to put your notes there instead


This is where it is fun to discuss and brainstorm all the while helping you to grow closer together as a couple. Some topics include

  • your marriage
  • goals with your children (character, educational, physical & more)
  • health and exercise
  • home projects
  • ministry
  • vacations
  • finanaces
  • spiritual goals
  • dreams
  • recreational


  • don't get upset if your husband isn't as into as you are, some men approach goal making simply and aren't into making long lists
  • pray about what kinds of goals and don't rush into any foolish decisions
  • the point is to get on the same page and grow closer as a couple not how many things you can write down 
  • listen to your husband's heart and pray for him (it is not easy to be the leader of a home so do your best to support him--he needs you!)

Do you plan the new year with your husband?

What would you add to this list?

Please share them in the comments below!

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