Tuesday, September 1, 2020

A Peek Inside My Life

It has been almost 6 months, a half year, since I have done one of these posts! So much has happened and there is much to tell...but for now I will share what has been going on this past month!

(here I am floating in our pool relaxing in the summer sun)


We have a new sweet addition to our family!

Her name is Jia. She is a terrier and bulldog mix! We got her from a sweet lady not far from us who could not take care of her anymore but loved her dearly.  She is a puppy and under a year old and full of boundless ENERGY!

We had been praying for a puppy for several months. All the children help take care of her it has been a very good experience for all. We used to have a sweet black lab that passed away a few years ago so it has been awhile since we had dog in the house. She is potty trained but needs more training on how to walk and listen to commands. We will be working on that in the coming weeks!


Football season is in full force and this year we have three sons playing! In our area COVID is low and so we felt comfortable moving ahead with them playing. Last year we had one son make captain but this year two of them made it.

I can't begin tell you how much football has helped bring more normalcy to our lives during this crazy time in the world. It is fun to go out to the games and see everyone again!

I also love that one of our twins who love football has joined. It means so much to him and he literally lives and breathes football! Here is a picture of him:

They aren't they only one in sports, my daughter will also be joining the volleyball team this year, so that should be fun!


My second oldest son started college last week. It is a new adventure for him and I am hoping that he does well. This son is a real go-getter, take action type of son and I know that whatever he does in life he will be just fine. Right now the majority of it is online and through Zoom. Your prayers for him are appreciated!


We spent most of our summer doing tons of painting, redecorating, gardening and decluttering. I will share more about this in a new "Our Humble Home" post coming soon! You can find some of our past posts here. 

My birthday was last month and the same son who is going to college made a pond for me in the yard.

It has a little fountain that is always running and a light that lights up at night.  We added some pretty colorful floating lilies to it. We also made it a wishing pond and spent time throwing some pennies into it.

(a little frog that my son brought home from work to put in the pond)

A few other children pitched in and got me a new rose gold Apple Watch. I love that I can keep track of things without my phone and see how I am doing with some of my fitness goals.


We visited the beach more this summer than ever ~ we have a really beautiful one near us.

Here is the sunset:


We have been having our teens friends over almost everyday of the week. I feel like it has been somewhat of a refuge for them to come and have some fun and normalcy. Most of the time they are outdoors playing football, basketball, beanie bags, baseball, or having a bonfire. I am so grateful that everyone is safe, healthy, and still connected especially after all the lockdowns.

We also have had small groups of family members over too. It has been so good to fellowship again.

I was telling my husband that we actually have people over more now than before the virus!

I am not kidding, my adult daughter comes home from work and can't even find a space to park. And we have a big yard where you can fit about a dozen cars.

We just laugh and tell her to park in the overflow parking lot across the street at our friend's church.

Poor thing! 😂

I believe that is a good problem to have.

And I am grateful for it.

There is so much more to share but until next time...

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek inside my life!

How have *you* been?

Please share below in the comments!

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Kim said...

It sounds like a wonderful summer! Times are so strange so it is nice to see a family doing some normal things. That is one sweet puppy face! You can see he longs for love and approval from his new family. It is so sad when a pet loses its beloved owner. They truly do have more depth of emotion than we know. Your posts are a blessing! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, prayers and life experiences with us! Many blessings!

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Dear Kim,

Thanks so much for the encouraging words! We are glad to get things back to "normal" too especially after the long year we've had. Yes, we love our new puppy, she is a sweetie and so glad we got her! I hope you stop by again soon and blessings to you!


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