Wednesday, December 11, 2019

What To Do When There is No Money for Christmas

"Something recently came up and my husband called me today to tell me there was not going to be any money for Christmas this year. He was in tears and we finally thought we were getting ahead and now there isn't going to anything for the children for presents."

So what do you do if you find yourself in a bind this year?

A caring group of moms recently share some helpful tips that I felt would be valuable if anyone here was going through the same. Here are a few things you can do to possibly get some assistance:

1. Sign up for Toys for Tots.

2. Sign up for Angel Tree.

3. Churches, police departments, & Salvation Army also take applications for help.

4. Your child's school often have programs that are available to help.

5. Give a present that gives the gift of time.  Like an an envelope with a  year of monthly activities such as:

game night
movie night
ice cream night
ice skating
zoo trip
movie marathon/pj day

(this way costs can be distributed throughout the year and cheapest being first as needed)

6. Make something new out of something old  - there are a ton of ideas online on how to repurpose things. For example you could make a doll out of an old blanket or quilt. Or a little girls dress or a dolls blanket from daddy's shirt.

7. Sell your things at places like Facebook Market or Craiglist.

8. Trade in clothing and old toys for store credit at consignment shops. I know that Once Upon a Child does this but be sure to call in to find out what they need first.

9. Download new apps - this could be fun and feel like a new game for a child.

10. Search online for free toys -There are sometimes people and places who give away free toys at Christmas time.

11. Give something you already own - has their been a piece of jewelry or something that your child has been admiring of yours? Maybe you are willing to part with it to give it as a gift to them.

12. Let the word out - let your needs be known, many times someone will hear of the need and seek to help! There are many families that have been blessed with food and gifts by complete strangers.

If you are able to plan earlier in the year and save money and collect presents that is always a big help. I know of women who have kept a "Christmas Closet" where they stash away gifts throughout the year.

You might want to limit your time online during the holidays if it causes you to think that you need more than you have.

Don't forget to make the most of what you can do free locally like visiting parades, visiting Santa, driving around the see the lights, free printables online, singing, playing in the snow, and free events. Here are some helpful articles for ideas.  You don't need money to still have fun and enjoy the true spirit of Christmas.

We need to remember that the first Christmas was very humble and simple.

And it is okay if yours is too.

Because if you are a Christian, you are rich in Christ...

 and that is what matters.

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Christi said...

Sweet and thoughtful post. Good ideas too.


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