Monday, October 21, 2019

Our Visit to The Ark Encounter

This past weekend we had the opportunity to visit The Ark Encounter. Our two sons had a football game nearby so we decided to visit it since it had been on my bucket list this year and just 40 minutes away from their game!

We had been to the Creation Museum a few years back but I had always wanted to visit The Ark ever since I had heard they were going to build it. I am glad we waited too because they added more attractions outdoors over time that we were able to enjoy just as much.

It was definitely a wonderful experience and I highly recommend that if you go to take the entire day there. It takes time to go through all the levels of the Ark and all the fun things they have outdoors.

When you first arrive you take a shuttle over to the main area and then then walk to the Ark. There are a few animals in pairs leading up to it.  The sheer size of it was amazing--it was built to size according to the Bible and it was massive!

Here is a quick video:

There is a special monument before you enter:

As you enter you hear lots of rain and thunder--just like how it probably would have been while Noah was on the boat. It was nice to have those sound effects to make you think of how it would have been like for Noah and his family.

There were three deck levels inside and they included tons of exhibits (like animals in their cages and what living conditions might have been),  a theatre, and even a place for live animals inside that you could touch.

There is not a tour guide, you just walk through the exhibits at your own pace.

 (a display of how wicked the world became during Noah's time)

Here are a few pics of what living conditions might have been inside:

(an oven that would have been on the entire time)

These two were named Cain and Abel

(the doors of the ark, if you look closely you will see a faint cross)

As you exit there is a coffee shop, food, and gift shop too if you'd like to get a souvenir from your visit.

We ate lunch right across from the Ark at Emzara's Restaurant (named after Noah's wife) which was a huge buffet which was also reasonably priced. There were two levels and you could eat out on the deck and enjoy the beautiful view and the food was very good!

Afterwards we explored the outdoors which included a park (which our kids loved), a village marketplace, gardens. and an outdoor zoo.

They also had other attractions like ziplining and camel rides available as well.

We loved the chance to experience it all and like I said before I highly recommend visiting. Be sure to take comfortable shoes and be ready to learn a lot. What a great place to bring your family to!

You can learn more or get tickets at their website The Ark Encounter.

It is 40 minutes away from The Creation Museum if you'd like to visit that too. They have combo package prices to save money, just check the website.

I hope you enjoyed our pictures!

Have you visited the Ark before? 

If so let me know what you thought of it in the comments!

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Angela said...

Yes! We are fortunate enough to live right between the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. We are at one or the other every week. They have great speakers, workshops, science classes, high school labs, etc. It is amazing.

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Dear Angela,

Yes, I think a conference was going on there when we were there! And that is so neat how they have classes, etc. all through out the year. That much be such a blessing!

Unknown said...

It is an amazing experience! My kids enjoyed every minute of it, and they read EVERYTHING there was to read. We live in Eastern Kentucky and this is about a 2-hour drive for us. Are you from the area?

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Dear Unknown,

Yes, there was so much to read! I even took pictures of some of it so I could save time and read it later and beat some of the really crowded exhibits. Wow, you are pretty close! We are not from the area but so glad we were able to make it out there!


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