Sunday, December 30, 2018

Fun Pictures with New Bangs for 2019 {& a Chance to See My Silly Side!}

I recently got new bangs for 2019! I haven't had bangs for what feels like about 10 years now.  Seriously though, I got them cut longer so that I can still sweep them up into into my Lilla Rose clip because I can't stand when hair is in my face!

I just wanted to share how it looked in some silly pictures with you--especially since I share pictures once in a blue moon and you usually only get the serious side of me! They were so fun to take too!  Here is the front view of the bangs:

These have a filter that make me look 20 years younger---aren't they wonderful? I sure think so!

Steve doesn't like these "girly filters" and tried to find a gladiator filter after this one. This was right before we went out on a date to Outback Steakhouse. 

I have been trying to get more intentional with sharing Instastories on my Instagram, so if you want to see more behind the scenes video and pics that I don't share here be sure to follow us there! We also got a new Go-Pro for Christmas so I can't wait to share more video too. Maybe if I am brave I will go load some more YouTube videos too. 

Here are some festive pics before the year is out:

Me as a  squishy nosed reindeer...

With my Joshua....

Ho, ho, ho!

How cool it would be to have blue eyes! 😱

This one is with my sweetie Joy who just turned 16 in November. 💖

I hope you enjoyed our silly pictures!

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