Friday, January 19, 2018

Feminine Favorites: Floral Dresses & More!

Note: This post contains affiliate links--thanks for your support!

About once a month we try to share some of our favorite feminine picks online and today our theme is floral, floral, floral! We love them and thought you might too!

The Short Sleeve Floral Dress pictured above is so pretty! It comes in blue, purple, white and blue!

(*This deal has since expired but you can find similar dresses HERE.)

I really like this color too--there is just something about winter that makes me want spring to be here! These colors are full of hope of what is to come. This is The Ashley dress and can be found HERE. 

(The Ashley Dress in green)

This Luxe Floral Cardigan will keep you warm--it comes black, mustard, blue and burgundy and is on clearance right now!

(*This deal has recently expired but you can find similar pretty floral cardigans HERE.)

I know these two pictures above are not floral but wanted to add them in case anyone is looking for great prices on maxi skirts--they are only $14.99 right now!

(*This deal has recently expired but you can find similar maxi dresses HERE.)

And sometimes you just need a cute top to match--this one with the ruffle is fun! 

Okay---I couldn't help but add this in even though it is for babies! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Large Swaddle Blanket with matching headband and wish little Isabella was small enough again to put her in this! But since my little one is too big now maybe one of you can enjoy it with your new little precious blessing. It comes in different colors and styles and you can find it HERE.

Everything pictured is on sale right now!

And remember that they are available for a limited time you don't delay, they go SUPER fast!

You can find them all at Jane!

(Note: If the deal has expired, I will post updated links to similar dresses above)

I hope they are a blessing to you!

Psssst! Another favorite feminine pick--Lilla Rose hair accessories! There is less than two weeks to get Penelope the January Flexi of the Month.  And FREE Lilla Rose U- pin for orders $50+!

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