Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How to Give Biblical Advice in a Loving Way

Did you ever have someone ask for advice and you were not sure how to answer?

Or did you ever hear someone give advice that definitely wasn't the best?

We all know that there is good advice out there and bad advice but we want to make sure that we are always giving advice the best way that we can.

Here are a few tips to help you:

PRAY - Do this before you answer if you need to and don't just act on emotions. Ask God to give you His wisdom before you proceed.

THINK FIRST - Does it line up with God's Word? In order for us to know this, we need to know His Word and be in it. We don't want to give just our opinion on how we "feel" about the situation because it might not be correct.

Our emotions can get the best of us and we might give out advice that is not biblical. This confuses everyone and even other people indirectly. This is why it is so important to study God's Word correctly so we don't misuse it.

DOUBLE CHECK - Ask yourself, is this the whole counsel of God on this subject? Sometimes I have heard one part of Scripture being emphasized while neglecting the whole counsel of God. We need to make sure we fully know what God's heart is on a subject we can give a better answer.

IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER - If you don't know the answer to the problem you can direct them to go a pastor or Christian counselor (they are trained and have tons of experience that they can offer) or older godly person for help.

A few thoughts on what NOT to do:

  • finger point
  • call names
  • get angry/lack of self-control
  • make quick false assumptions
  • be prideful
  • manipulate
  • think we are better than them

When we do give advice we need to give it with:

LOVE: We need to speak the truth in love, and remember what it is like to be in another person's shoes. Kindness, respect, gentleness, and patience can go a long way than name calling and finger pointing or jumping to conclusions. We always want to assume the best and point them towards God.

MERCY: We are all sinners and imperfect. We all need a Savior. Let us show the same mercy to those around us.

HUMILITY - Be humble, gentle, and wise as you share advice, it is much harder to hear from someone who is prideful or is a "know it all". You want to bring the person closer to God to be restored and get them back on the right track!

Sometimes we might not know how to answer someone and you might just want to pray with them instead. That is okay too--and don't forget to pray for them throughout the week as well and ask God to continue to work in their life even when you don't see them.

In addition to your Bible here is another very helpful book to help in counseling women:

I hope it is a blessing to you!

We hope this list was helpful to you as you help others when giving them advice!

What would you add to this list?

Please share them in the comments below!

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Jenn said...

Giving sound Biblical advice is the only advice that should be given, and it is ok to say you don't know the answer and that you'll look it up for them, or, you can look it up together!
Jesus loves us all, and as His children, we should be expressing the same love

Anonymous said...

I appreciate this. I've had a mentor for a long time and I see how God can use me now. I want to do it right. It's too easy to get caught up and forget God's plan is what's important.

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Yes, definitely look it up! That is what my old pastor used to say about sharing God's Word--you don't need to know it all to share about Jesus and it's okay to say "I'm not sure, but I will look it up for you!"

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

I agree--it is easy to forget--but SO important not to!


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