Monday, April 17, 2017

Let us Have Homes of Love

"Let us have homes crowned with clambering vine, amid the cooling shade of trees, surrounded with the verdant lawn, with pendant berries, with golden fruits, and clusters of purple grapes.

Homes graced with pictures, refined by books, and gladdened with song.

Homes in which here shall be no scorching blasts of anger, no polar storms of coldness and hate.

Homes in which the wife and mother shall not lose all her attractive charms by unremittingly drudgery and toil, nor the father starve his brain and dwarf his soul by hours of over-work.

Homes in which happy children shall ever see the beauty of love, and the beauty of holiness. Homes of plenty, homes of sympathy, homes of self-sacrifice, homes of devotion, homes or culture, homes of love."

~Samuel Fallows (a minister), 

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