Friday, March 24, 2017

A Home with Joy and Gladness

"The home-life should also be made bright and full of sunshine. The courtesy of the true home is not stiff and formal but sincere, simple and natural. Children need an atmosphere of gladness.

 Law should not make its restraints hang like chains upon them. Sternness and coldness should have no place in home-life or in family government.

No child can ever grow up into its richest and best development in a home which is gloomy and unhappy. No more do plants need sunshine and air than children need joy and gladness. Unhappiness stunts them so that their sweetest graces never come out."

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  1. What advice might you have for a woman who grew up in a gloomy, dysfunctional family but who wants something different for her children? Not having grown up in a happy home makes it hard to know exactly what one looks like and even harder to know how to provide one.


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