Friday, January 13, 2017

How to Wisely Manage Your Day

We all get 24 hours and we want to better manager of our time and our homes. How is it that some women can accomplish a whole lot while others seem to manage very little into the day? It definitely depends on many variables and what season of life you are in. One mom's day will be very different that the other and the value of what got done that day according to each family.

We don't want to compare our lives to each other but we do want to be good stewards of the time the Lord has given us.

I've shared about time-wasters and guarding our time before but today I want to talk a bit how to use your time better.

As my family has grown larger I have had my time management challenged on many different levels so I wanted to share a few tips that might help and encourage you. Remember first to pray to ask God to direct your steps and He will be faithful to help you!


1. Create a list - write down what you need to do today, this week, your shopping list, for school, etc. I like to keep all my lists on my phone so I can pull them up even if I am out and about to refer to them or add to them. I refer to these lists for just about everything (the Fuentes household would literally go down without them!).

2. Look closer at your day -  and divide your time by morning, afternoon, and evening blocks and decide how you will use it. You might need to get on a reliable schedule and organize your day better. Some people are just not morning people and would benefit from something like this. Others do better at night and might do great at this.  Either way, I have found that when I put the day into blocks it helps me to divide and conquer at a more easier and achievable level!

3. Use a planner - to get things down so you don't have to keep them in your head and get overwhelmed. Also look at the year long term and what your goals are. If you have trouble sticking with your goals and really are determined to achieve them this year you would probably be encouraged by this.

4. Practice getting into a good routine--it has been said that if you do something for about 30 days it will be much easier to implement as a habit in the future! It has been challenging for me to fit exercise into my schedule but this year I have been adamant about fitting it in somewhere and now I do it while my 2-year-old is on her nap time. It has been good so far and I am really enjoying it!

5. Stay flexible - don't worry when things don't go by your schedule but plan ahead to know that things can get off track at any time. Trust God for these changes and know that He will help you through them. Sometimes He even allows these things to grow character in us!

This is just a starting point but I hope it will help you to take bold steps in the right direction!

Do you need more encouragement on this topic? We recommend Life Management for Busy Women:

Elizabeth George--speaker, teacher, and bestselling author of A Woman After God's Own Heart®--admits to being a disorganized, goal-less woman when she was in her 20s.

Over the decades, the love and patience of God and the transforming power of his Word and Spirit have taught her the life-changing principles she shares here, including how each day God's way; take charge of busyness and find a balanced life; and be a better steward of resources.

"Just for Today" and "Just for This Week" sections help readers apply and solidify transforming new habits. This unique sourcebook will strike a chord with women hungering to live orderly lives that are a testimony to their faith.

You can find this book HERE.

What wise management tips would you add?

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