Saturday, January 7, 2017

Feminine Favorites - Changing Colors

I love sharing some cute clothing ideas so I am going to share more on the blog about it this year. I was doing some decluttering projects this past week and was going through my closet and started noticing a pattern:

Notice how everything is like black or white or gray? Yup, this is pretty much how the rest of my wardrobe looks too--I started to really gravitate towards these colors more just last year. I need to really add some more color this year! I still like colors like different hues of pink, plums, and even blue too. My tastes have changed a lot over the years.

I saw this earlier and really like this peach dress over at Jane:

They seem nice, casual and comfy! Now that I am older, I really am into comfort.
If it is not comfortable, I won't wear it!

This brown one is really cute too!

And this one too---of course, I like it in charcoal! See, here I go again! But they have it in wine and olive too and they are just as cute.

They are on sale right now for a limited time--but if you want one don't  wait too long because they go pretty fast if you like them.

You can find it HERE.

Also, before I do I wanted to mention that right now Lilla Rose (our favorite hair place) is offering for orders over $50 a FREE mini (XXS) clip (selection available at checkout).

What are your favorite colors right now?

We'd love to hear them--please share in the comments below!

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