Thursday, October 6, 2016

8 Ways to Get in the Mood for Fall

It was so nice to get inspired for decorating for fall by looking through this magazine. I usually don't have a problem doing so but this year has me needing some motivation, especially since my Dad passed away. 

Sometimes when life gets you down, you just go through the motions to get back up. And somehow you do. I really enjoy looking at these pictures of homes and wondering who lives there and what their families might be like. 

(Sorry for the glare that my phone picked up there was too much lighting and I am not sure how to set my phone to prevent that.)

A homemaker makes a home. She adds that special touch and makes it cozy. She pours love into her home and what she does. 

It looks different for everyone. Not one home is the same. 

It really is all the special touches, the little things...

Here are 8 ways that I get inspired to get in the mood for fall and decorate my home:

1. Look through magazines like the one above.

2. Make a pumpkin spiced drink or apple cider to enjoy or bake an apple or pumpkin treat.

3. Light a fall scented candle and turn on some music that I like to listen to in the fall.

4. Put away "summer-y" things, like wardrobes,  decor, and seasonal toys. Pull out sweaters, boots, throws, and fall decor.

5. Ask the kids what they love about fall and then do crafts and printables with them. Let them help you decorate the house!

6. Go to my local Farmer's Market to buy some mums, and pumpkins. Oftentimes I will pick up haybales and dried cornstalks too.

7. Pull out the mini string lights or twinkling lights to decorate the leaf swags. They make the house feel warm when decorating and on cool fall nights.

8. Peruse through my Fall Pinterest board for inspiration. You can find it HERE and don't forget to follow it!

What are some ways that you get inspired?

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Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I have done a lot you suggested and it does make the home and my spirit embrace the season. :)

Sarah Beth said...

Living in the Houston area when the temperatures are still in the high 80s makes it difficult to get in the fall spirit, and impossible to put away the summer clothes at the moment. But, my favorites on this list are making fall spiced beverages and lighting scented candles.


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