Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Homefront: Playing with Children

" God wants us to fill our homes with happiness. He made childhood joyous, full of life, bubbling over with laughter, playful, bright and sunny. It is a crime to repress the mirth and the gladness and try to make children  grave and stately. Life's burdens will come soon enough to life upon their shoulders. Life will soon enough bring care and anxiety and hardship and weight of responsibility...

Pour the sunshine about them in youth; let them be happy; encourage all innocent joy; provide pleasant games for them; romp and play with them; be a child again among them. Then God's blessing will come upon your home, and your children will grow up sunny-hearted, gentle, affectionate, joyous themselves and joy-bearers to the world."

-JR Miller, Home-Making

The picture above of the children playing in a tree house is nostalgic. I love the old days when children played outside for hours until the sunset and just enjoyed the sun, fresh air and all the adventure that life would bring with it.

I remember being young and catching frogs, climbing trees, and swimming all day. What great memories. It is funny what you remember when you get older and cherish. It is not the money, or how much you owned. It is the little things you hold close to your heart.

As I look at my children I want them to have the same great memories. Memories that include their parents and all of their siblings. Families should love one another and have fun together!

4 Reasons We Should Play with Our Children

1. Builds Strong Relationships - when we get a chance to spend time with our children and entering their world of play we strengthen our relationships with them. We are telling them that they matter and that we can slow our busy "adult" world down for them because they matter.

2. Make Memories - I know some people who don't have any memories of playing or spending time with their parents. How sad to look back and not be able to draw up any playful memories. I want to be sure that my children remember me jumping in the trampoline, reading books, and chasing and tickling them all through the house.

3. Don't Take Today for Granted - Tomorrow is not promised so we shouldn't take today for granted. Live like there won't be a tomorrow and see how that changes how you interact with your family.

4. They're God's gifts to us - Children are a blessing and God's gift to us. Let's enjoy them as such. Let them feel that they are loved in their hearts.

While writing this post I found some fun "larger-than-life" toys that I thought would be neat to share that you just don't find everyday:

This is one of my son's favorite toys--Giant Four in A Row.

I have seen some families make these own their own out of wood. Such great ideas and lasting memories!

Whatever you toys you use or how you spend your time with them, just know that your children will value the time that you spend with them. Use your imaginations and enjoy your sweet blessings while you can!

How do you like to spend time with your children?

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Tiffiney (Welcome Home Ministry) said...

Hi Mrs. Fuentes,

I could be the worse at playing with my kids. Good thing my husband is king at it! But I have started playing board games with them (maybe I jump on the trampoline a bit too?) We live in the city and so much of what we do is in doors. This post is a great reminder to get back outside and play with the kids and enjoy some fresh air. Thanks for sharing.

shelly sangrey said...

Our favorite thing to do together is to go wading (and swimming) in the creek, looking for minnows and tadpoles. I don't have much time to play since we have so many children, so this time together is precious, indeed.

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