Monday, April 25, 2016

The Dragon and The Raven Audio Adventures Review

Are you a mom who finds it challenging trying to find wholesome entertainment for your children?

As a mom of nine children, I am definitely always on the lookout and we all know how few and far between wholesome entertainment can be.

And that is why I am so excited about today's post!

My children and I recently had the chance to listen to The Dragon and The Raven audio adventures by Heirloom Audio Productions.

What it is: Heirloom Audio Productions makes audio CD's from the G.A. Henty books. He was a Christian fiction writer for children's stories in the 1800's.

Who is it for? Ages four and up -- great for kids, teens, parents and grandparents too!

My sons are big fans of audio CD's so they were super excited to check these out. Can I just say these passed with flying colors? They literally begged me day and night to listen to them.


When I listened to The Dragon and The Raven with my boys I wrote down a full list (since I am a list person) including some of my key thoughts to share with you about what I experienced. Here is what came to mind:

  • it is high quality
  • it's captivating
  • it contains story telling about  "real" courageous heroes
  • it draws you in
  • it is full of exciting adventure
  •  it kept my boys the edge of their seats
  •  it takes you to another time
  • it is very well-written
  • it is educational (teaching history)
  • it is exciting for children
  • we didn't want to stop listening
  • I've heard it was described as"Disney" for the ears - I have to agree!
  • it teaches character, faith, and courageous
  •  it has a Biblical world view
  •  it helps use the imagination
  •  it is worth every penny!

Here is a behind the scenes video that will give a peek of it all:

Here is the description of this story from the site:

"The Danes have swept over every kingdom in England, laying waste to everything in their path. Join Edmund and the one man who is willing to stand against the invaders – the young King Alfred of Wessex. From standing in the shield-wall to sailing on the whale-road, Alfred and Edmund realize the nation’s only hope is to turn back to the God they have abandoned. Can the two young warriors turn the tide of the war and save their world?"

And here are the six stars that create the cast:

I was also glad to see that there were more exciting audios available from them. My kids were so excited too and can't wait to listen to them all!

There are also study guides, posters art, and collector coins available as well. If you are a homeschooling mom you might want to even include these CD's as part of your curriculum like we have.

I definitely enjoyed these audio adventures and so did my kids and I highly recommend them for every home!

You can find The Dragon and The Raven HERE.

I hope you are blessed by them as much as we have been!

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