Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fit for the Master's Use

Dear Moms, if you are struggling in your home or life today here is a quick encouraging word for you:

"That which fire does for the metals,

 the Lord does for men's hearts;

 he purifies them from dross,

 brings forth the good that is in them,

 purged from earthly infirmities.

 God's process is the application of sorrow,



 that, duly meeting these,

 the soul may emerge from the trial as pure gold,

 fit for the Master's use."

Be encouraged in the Lord!

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1 comment:

Patricia Gibbons said...

Hello, I've just discovred your blog, which is very encouraging. We are indeed blessed to have the Lord's word to encourage us each and every day, as we go through life. Have a wonderfully Blessed day. Woo xx

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