Thursday, November 19, 2015

Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares {& Trim Healthy Mama Giveaway!}

Like many of you, chocolate is my weakness.

That is why it is so important to learn about healthier ways to eat it, wouldn't you agree?

Today we are sharing these delicious chocolates that are not only tasty but good for you too!

Just remember--don't eat the whole pan!

Here it is:


1 cup of coconut oil
1/4 cup cacao powder (or cocoa)
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup shredded coconut (optional)
1/2 of your favorite chopped nut (peanut, walnut, almonds, macadamia, etc)
1/4 cup honey
dash of Himalayan salt

Mix together and pour into greased pan or silicone mold. Freeze until hard about a half hour. Then take them out and enjoy! You could also try topping this with freeze dried fruit for variety!

This reminds me of the Skinny Chocolate recipe from Trim Healthy Mama. Did you get their new updated books yet? I did!

It has been tough losing the weight with baby #9. I am a lot older and my metabolism is not what it used to be! So I am looking forward to making a few things in these books!

These books are not like the first Trim Healthy Mama book. They are divided up now and easy to use with glossy pages and high quality pictures.


These helpful and practical books are on sale right now until tomorrow:

The Trim Healthy Mama Plan is NOW $12.49 (originally $19.99)

The Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook is NOW $15.49 (originally $27.99)

You can find them at Amazon. 

I know that many of you would love to get a copy of these new books that are also listed in our Wise Woman Christmas Gift Guide (you can click here to check it out).

 So today we are having a giveaway for you to win a set!

(US Residents only)

You may enter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you win!


  1. I would be most grateful for either book, but I would probably most prefer the one that explains the plan. I have thought of trying this diet, but their first book is SO long, it is very cumbersome, and I do not have time to devote to reading such a long book! So, perhaps I could read this shortened version and comprehend the plan better. Would love to win either book! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  2. I have always been interested in their book, but it's a little too expensive for me! Winning would be great. Thanks!
    Rebekah B.

  3. This recipe looks yummy! Also, the book set would be awesome! :-)

  4. They both would be nice but I suppose the cookbook would be my first choice. Thank you for offering the giveaway! :)

  5. I would like to win the THM Cookbook. I saw them on the 700 Club the other day. thx

  6. What a great give away.I would love to win this.Thanks for the give away!

  7. I would be so stoked to win this... I have been battling with my weight for three years now after my last child. 7th child was an emergency C section

  8. These sound delicious!! I am going to try them! It would be a blessing to win!!

  9. I don't know which book I'd prefer since they both look great.....but I suppose high quality photos wins out!

  10. I would love to see the recipes and add them to my healthy eating routine. :)

  11. Hands down- the Fat Stripping Frappa. I love this smoothie!

  12. I would love to win the cookbook. I have been contemplating this way of eating for a couple of months, but I am not sold on some of the sweeteners and things advocated. Maybe if I see the recipes it will be clear to me the right course to take.

  13. The cookbook! I just added both of these books to my Amazon wishlist.

  14. I have wanted these books for quite a while now. I'd like the original one to get started. But then either of these would be GREAT!

  15. I like so many of the recipes in the original book. I've heard great things about the new book and would love to have a copy!

  16. I would be grateful for either book. I have battled my weight my entire life. I have heard about the THM before but have spend so much money on other weight loss things, I was afraid to spend the money and be disappointed. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest.
    Kathi from Florida

  17. My favorite recipe in my THM book is the Cabbage of my favorites meals ever!! Would love to get these books.

  18. Wow! thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! I love THM! It has helped me so much. I really like the ChocoMocho drink or the Light Greek Yogurt with strawberries; these are probably my favorites! I make them everyday.

  19. I would love to check out the cookbook.

  20. I would like to look at both, but the cookbook is what I'd like.

  21. Both would be awesome but the plan is prob needed first!

  22. I like THM good girl moonshine. But I do not own any of their books. I would love either one.

  23. I would love the cookbook, but both look GREAT!

  24. I would LOVE to win the cookbook, but both look GREAT!

  25. Love Cheesecake Berry Crunch!

    -Hannah Avery

  26. That fudge looks so yummy! Been working on getting healthy and could use all the help I can get. Hope I win! Would like the Trim Healthy Mama Plan

  27. We like Wicked White Chili and Kai Si Ming.

  28. what book I would want is a toss up. I need to of course read and know the plan but I wouldn't mind just having a cook book to see what recipes are there.... But I think the Plan book would make more sense. :)


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