Monday, August 24, 2015

Home is Where the Weary Spirit Finds Refuge

"A child speaking to a friend of his home, was asked; "Where is your home?" Looking up with loving eyes at his mother, he replied, "Where mother is."

Home! What a hallowed name! How full of enchantment and how dear to the heart!

Home is the magic circle within which the weary spirit find refuge. It is the sacred asylum to which the care-worn heart retreats to find rest from the toils and cares of life.

Home! That name touches every fiber of our soul. Nothing but death can break its spell. And, as dear as home can be, is the mother that presided over it, and that we loved.

Long years may have flown since we saw that home, and since the dearest of all earthly friends has slept the long and silent sleep of death, but that home and that mother will never cease to awaken the sweetest collections of our lives.

Home Sweet Home!"

-John Mccoy

Dear Mothers, home is such a special place to grow and nurture your children and create a godly culture for the them that brings glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. Use your time well and wisely manage it for little eyes are always watching and learning. They are soaking in the environment and being taught of it's ways. You will do much to not let your hands be idle and live years of a wasted life--  but instead prayerfully build your home and faithfully devote yourself to raising His arrows to serve Him one day. 

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Art by D. Gerhart

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