Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wise Woman Linkup!

A Wise Woman Builds Her Home is a place to be encouraged in your high and noble calling of role of wife and mother and daughter to the King and we want to encourage each and every single reader out there to build up strong Christian homes to the glory of God.

We would love for you to link up with us---share your posts on  building up your home, homemaking, character, hospitality, femininity, family, tea, recipes, parenting, marriage, homeschooling, and whatever else you'd like to share that would encourage our community. Feel free to also share more than one post!

Now if you do join our link up we only require one thing-- PLEASE share the image below on your blog and link back so that others can find us and join in the fun or just simply paste and copy the code into your blog sidebar or at the bottom of the post that you shared here:

Now on with our linkup:


LeeAnne, Style N Season said...


It seems that I have linked up something that might offend Christian readers, though I am a Catholic myself and the contain itself is just about daily life. My link is number 19. A reader showed that to me by stating that the card with the f* word there is revolting. I do apologize if that has offended you or your readers, and please feel free to remove it if you choose to do so. As I explained in the beginning of the post after realizing that the birthday card might sound very rude to English speaking readers, English is not my first language, we don't speak English in Indonesia, and it was an honest mistake when linking up to the sites where I usually share my writings. To a non-English speakers like me and my friends, the card was just a funny sentence to take pictures with.

And by the way, I really like your previous post about That Romantic Man. I personally think that young women should realize that the male character in the saga Twillight is not real. ^__^

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LeeAnne, Style N Season

Anonymous said...

Please remove the offensive entry #19!!!

Anonymous said...


I love your blog, but it's just to let you know that the blog link you have at no.19 above seems to contain an obscene word in the picture for it.

Hope this is of help.



Laurie Collett said...

Thanks for hosting & God bless!


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