Monday, July 7, 2014

Lovely Letters and Stamp Nouveau Giveaway!

Are you a letter writer?

When I was a young girl, I loved writing. I would write letters, short stories, novels, articles and anything else you could think of. But letter writing was probably one of my favorite things to do because it was special and you could send it to someone you cared about that was special to you. I think I would have really appreciated having some pretty stamps for my envelopes back then and  even now like the kind you can find from Stamp Noveau:

They are a Christian company that carries beautiful designs just for you:

Here is a bit about them from their website:

"In this internet filled world, finding a hand addressed card or letter in your mailbox is a special treasure!  Our designer stamps are the perfect way to add your personal touch to all your outgoing treasures. 

Stamp Nouveau started with a love of packaging and beautiful stationery.  Knowing that someone has taken the time to sit down and hand write a note means they must really like you.  You are worth so much more than a text or email.  This world needs more love letters!"

They have stamps for all occasions:

  • address stamps
  • wedding stamps
  • holiday stamps
  • gifts
  • invitations & thank you cards
  • corporate gifts
  • realtor house closing gifts
These would also be great for daughters who are starting to learn how to write letters or already have a several penpals!

As you can see---they have many beautiful designs that are traditional and contemporary. There is something for everyone here. You can view their address designs here,  wedding designs here, and holiday stamps here.

A customer shares:

“Our stamp arrived promptly and was beautifully packaged. We love it and can't wait to use it on our wedding invitations! Thanks Jen for the wonderful experience!”

You can order from their website HERE. 

Wise Woman Hot Tip

Stamp Noveau is currently running a "Grand Opening Sale"
  15% off any order! Coupon Code GRAND15 ends July 10, 2014.

 The Giveaway

Stamp Noveau is giving away a free address stamp with a design of yout choice
 to one of our special readers!

You can enter here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you win!


Anonymous said...

I like the address stamp with the dove. thx

Kathy said...

I love the D6 address stamp. I have a sweet friend who just got married. What a perfect gift!

Unknown said...

These are absolutely lovely. Thank you for always sharing such beautiful things.

Hannah Marie said...

It's a hard to pick a favorite … I really like D37!

Momx6 said...

I like the address stamp best - what a timesaver!

Anonymous said...

I like all the stamps but would use the address one the most!!

Curtis and Nicole Jones said...

These are beautiful. I enjoy sending letters too. It's nice to let someone know you took the time to think of them. I like address label D21

Cheryl said...

Love the beautiful picture of your sweet baby girl and trusting God to direct your paths concerning a home! He is always faithful. :)

Melinda said...

I like the D1 design best. I love the font and the couple of swirl graphics. :)

Cheryl said...

Sorry...I didn't mention my favorite stamps! I like them all...but, D21 and D37 are my favorites!! Thanks for offering the giveaway. :)

J U said...

I think my favorite one is D31! Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway! <3

Salinn said...

I think D53 is my favorite.

Mrs. Hewett said...

These address stamps look lovely. Thank you for sharing about them and hosting this giveaway.

Melissa Smith said...

These look beautiful! Hope I win!

thetalbotts said...

I have been wanting to order a family stamp for a long time...thanks for sharing a great Christian company to support!

itmaiden said...

I like D21 D37 and D35 the best. Very nice designs

Unknown said...

What beautiful designs! Love them! :)

Anonymous said...

They are all beautiful. Whatever I am blessed with, I will be happy.

Danni N said...

So many lovely choices! My favorites are D1, D26, and D21

Melissa VDA said...

I would love to win one!

Mrs. Sarah Coller said...

I love the rectangular, centered address stamp. Great giveaway---thank you!

Sharon K said...

I like the wedding stamps but gravitate towards the address stamps... so beautiful! My favorites would be D16 and D30, but they are all lovely.
(I got a message my first comment didn't go through, so this is my second attempt).
Thanks for the giveaway June!

grtlyblesd said...

My son is engaged, so I'd probably choose a wedding stamp for them.

Sonya S said...

I would love one of these!

Faithful Acres Books said...

When I was a young girl my mom got us wax stamps with out initials on them. I love writing letters and getting letters. On I just love the Address Stamps !
Linda Marie Finn
Faithful Acres Books
faithfulacresbooks @ gmail dot com

Lauran Delancy said...

These are super cute! How would you ever choose just one design?!


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