Thursday, March 6, 2014

Little Eyes Watching You

"I smiled at the little girl and waved. She returned my wave and gave me a sweet, innocent smile. It was impossible for me to avoid hearing the lyrics of the loud song as we vacuumed our cars side by side. The song was about partying, being sexy, having sex, drinking, and a whole bunch of other explicit things. I was shocked that a mom would play such loud, inappropriate music in front of her own daughter. I glanced over at the mom again to see if she looked concerned about the sexualized lyrics pumping through her car. She wasn't fazed a bit. In fact, she seemed to be enjoying the music.

I wondered if that mom even realized what she was doing. I thought mothers were supposed to protect and guard their kids from stuff like that. I left the car wash feeling sad for the mom and the little girl. I knew the mom had no clue about what kind of atmosphere she was raising her little daughter in, and I felt sad for the little girl for having to endure such explicit content. That scene was heavy on my mind as I drove home."

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1 comment:

Kim Christ said...

I've run into this so many time and I just want to take that mommy aside and help her understand what she is doing but it's so hard to know who and how you can say something to. :-(


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