Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quiet Repose

 We have been watching home videos of our family lately of when all the children were just wee ones. It is hard not to shed a tear watching them and it puts into perspective where we have come from and how much the Lord has grown us.

When I watched myself as a young growing mama on the screen, laughing, making mistakes, and remembering the struggles and hardships  of raising a young family I am grateful for His grace and patience in teaching and leading me on.

If I can give a word of advice to young women now that I am further along in my journey, it would be this: give all that you can to the Lord and your family and you will not regret a day. I am glad to have invest my time and life into serving my family and home, which means I am living my calling and serving the Lord in the roles He had providentially provided for me. It was done imperfectly but I am glad that I even had a chance to serve Him in that capacity.

I am so glad that He changed my life around because this was not always so. As a young women who did not know the Lord I found myself wasting precious time and was without direction and purpose. I found myself living the high life, even sometimes putting myself in dangerous situations, and realizing that it brought me no where and no real satisfaction--just left my heart full of emptiness. A true chasing after the wind.

But when I got saved my life changed. I now had purpose and was not a wandering lost soul anymore. He was my Guide and entrusted me with this beautiful family to care for, one that I did not deserve. And as I watch the videos the precious years slipped by and passed so quickly...

But maybe you are struggling with how to be a good wife, mother, and homemaker.

Maybe you are struggling to find your way.

Maybe your priorities are off and you know you've gotten off track--you might be too busy for what is important or know you have become idle along the way.

I ran across this interesting quote by Billy Graham that makes me want to be mindful about how I should use my precious fleeting time on this earth and how not to use it:

"Too many women have too much leisure time for their own good. They have time for criticism, gossip, faultfinding, and complaining. They have time for idle games and lay too much attention to things of the flesh. There are other women who have too little time for the enduring things of life. They are too busy flitting about doing this and that. They have great activity and much doing, but they lack time for building Christian character. Both kinds of women — the too-idle and the too-busy need to take time for meditation and quiet repose in prayer to God. They need time to cultivate their souls that in turn they may cultivate their children’s lives."

Ladies, do take that time for meditation and quiet repose and forsake being idle or wandering without purpose the way I had in my younger years. He has given your purpose--to glorify Him with your life.

Cultivate your souls and nourish it so that you may be filled so that you give sacrificially in abundance to others.

Time is fleeting...

And purpose to give all to your husband and children so the outpouring of your life may exalt Him.

To God be the glory.


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Cast Your Worries said...

Thanks for the reminder! I'm more on the over-active side, stressing about trying to keep house and cook from scratch and homeschool and play with the children...all are important, but to sit down first with the LORD is my highest priority. And it's amazing; on the days it happens, I feel more focused. God's Word truly is living and active in our lives!

Jessica said...

Just today I was praying and asking the Lord to help me bring glory to him in everything, but especially towards my family. Thank you for this encouraging reminder! :)

kat said...

This is so timely. Am at a point as a new bride...that i have had to go back to the cross. I just started..and in as much as i keep most fulfilling moments are those i spend in his word...praying for God to walk with me especially since i moved to a new country immediately after I got married and leaving everything that was familiar.
May he continue to minister to all of us.

Emma Joy said...

Thank you very much for this post! Very encouraging and uplifting. Words that need to be heard and applied by many!

♥ Emma Joy

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Amazing! Thank you!

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, I have never regretted one moment that I have used of this life that my Savior bought and paid for me! He has given me the greatest gift to entrust me with a Husband and Children. We are as suppose to help and encourage one another in this High calling. So happy to have met so many Godly woman through blogging. I would be glad to get to know you a bit better.
I hold the place now as the Older Woman: I take this calling to heart!
Blessings, Roxy


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