Friday, January 10, 2014

Wise Words : A Soft Woman, Protecting Your Marriage, and Keeping a Beautiful Home

Every once in a while I try to share some encouragement that I find around the web with you that will encourage you for the weekend in your journey of biblical womanhood, marriage, and homelife.  Here are a few good articles that you might want to read, ponder, and pray about.

A Soft Woman

" I think a woman’s countenance reflects her heart’s attention. That is, what she studies, reads, thinks about and seeks after is an innate part of her and will manifest itself even in her physical demeanor. In the way we dress, carry ourselves, the words we use and even in the volume of our voices."

Visit sweet Kelly and read her post:

Protect Your Marriage

"The other day, I received a pri­vate mes­sage through my Face­book account from a man who was one of my “friends.” We have sev­eral mutual friends. When he friended me long ago, I checked out our mutual friends, looked at his page to see what he was all about. Every­thing checked out. He is like-minded, our friends in com­mon hold the same con­vic­tions our fam­ily holds (and I *really* know most of them). So, I accepted his friend request and never had a word of inter­ac­tion with him. Until last week."

The Virtuous Wife shares about some very important safeguards for our marriage we should take online or anywhere:

 A Strong Home 

 And finally one on growing on grace and refinement in homelife:

 "A woman's home is only as beautiful as her heart is. It doesn't matter if your floors are clean and dust cannot be detected on our shelves. If you are seething inside, bitter and resentful toward  your children for being, well, children, your home will be ugly. Neither does it matter if you serve them healthy meals and set them down to a lovely table with an elaborate centerpiece. If you join them wearing a bitter face or have a "woe is me" attitude, that is a reflection of your heart..."


 Bambi speaks needed truth at this post:

How to Keep a Beautiful Home







Encouraged here?







  1. Really enjoy reading your post thanks for your work here.

  2. Hello, Thank you so much for these wonderful and encouraging words! Your heart is in all that you write! I look forward to these kinds of posts!
    Blessings, Roxy


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