Saturday, October 26, 2013

Where Weary Hearts Find Rest

While I know we find our ultimate rest and peace in Jesus Christ alone,  I really enjoyed this illustration of what a Christian home could and should be like:

“I believe that a godly home is a foretaste of heaven. 

Our homes, imperfect as they are, must be a haven from the chaos outside. 

They should be a reflection of our eternal home,

where troubled souls find peace, 

weary hearts find rest,

hungry bodies find refreshment, 

lonely pilgrims find communion, 

and wounded spirits find compassion.” 

                                                                       -Jani Ortlund

Encouraged here?

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budgeteer said...

I just love this post. The painting is beautiful and peaceful. I would like to have it in my little house to remind me what I'm aiming for. Thank you so much for this.


tealady said...

This picture was beautiful, and I love the words that came with.

Thank-you for sharing.

Emma Joy said...

Great quote. While Jesus should be our first priority (and not our last resort!) in times of trouble and He is a constant friend and guide...we should also build homes where the word of God is taught and applied and where our place of residence is a place we can find comfort in, safety, and accountability and friendship as much as possible. Not to mention guidance, grace, and order.

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Achama@OnTheRoadToHealing said...

What a lovely blog, thanks for sharing.

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