Monday, September 16, 2013

A Lovely Country Wedding on the Farm

I was recently blessed to have the opportunity to attend a country wedding of some friends.  I wanted to share some pictures with you of the special day.

This wedding was held at the Shock farm, and here are a few of the pretty reception tables set up with loving care from many of the women and daughters at church.

 Everything was so simple and pretty, it was such a beautiful day.

 They used cowbells for people to ring during the reception for the bride and groom to kiss.

Mason jars decorated the farm with beautiful wildflowers and tulle (at night they filled them with tea candles).

The bride and groom.

Fans were made for wedding guests that had an itinerary that read--

-Park your TARDIS and find a seat (she is a Dr. Who fan)
-Watch us get hitched
-Gab a while
-English Country Dancing
-Bonfire and s'mores to end the night

Haybales were covered with white fabric and sealed with more flowers for guests to sit on.

Do you recognize some of these ladies? They are some of my sweetest friends, Susie Shock from Our Simple Farm (with cowgirl hat), Rhonda from Walking with Sarah (blue shirt), me (yes, that is as country as I get and why do I have such a cheesy smile?), and sweet Annie Jones. The lady on the far left was the groom's godmother.

Everyone dressed up in cowboy hats and jeans. The flower girl threw chicken feathers, and my older daughter was asked to be a bridesmaid when they found out one the of original bridesmaids was not going to be able to make it. She was glad to step in!

The bride went down the aisle on horseback, and the horse was led by her father while a violinist played Canon in D.


After the ceremony the bride and groom both rode off on horseback together.

Afterwards everyone enjoyed the outdoor reception, dancing, and more. It was a great day!

I hope you enjoyed our pictures!

Encouraged here?


Rachel said...

What a charming wedding! The bride did a lovely job with the decorations and lovely. :D Thank you for sharing your pictures, and glad you all enjoyed the day celebrating with friends.

Okaasan said...

That is awesome! Love the "park your TARDIS" comment. :D There's something so romantically sweet (and cowboyish) about the bride being led to the altar on a horse by her dad. Thanks for sharing the photos!

Anonymous said...

How neat and fun!

Alexandra said...

What a pretty table running and place setting. Very charming!

Trophy and Barb said...

Since being part of their cousin's wedding, the kids and I have been talking about their future weddings, and a farm wedding is exactly what we've been talking about! Thanks for sharing the pics!


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