Saturday, July 13, 2013

When the Family is Destroyed

"When the family is destroyed, 

society eventually disintegrates." 

Billy Graham

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Deanna said...

Families are Precious!

Anonymous said...

My family is very precious to me and unique...I have a 29 year old whose marriage did not work, she has a son (7yrs.) and I also have 2 younger sons (7 & 8yrs.)My husband has been a wonderful provider yet now he is unable to do as he once had due to chronic back pain. He has a case pending with's been 3 long years since we've had consistent income. I often wonder if it is time to venture back out into the work force to help our family financially. Needing God's direction big time because I know that these are impressionable years.

Seeking His Will

Anonymous said...

I agree that when families are destroyed our society suffers greatly.
Jesus is the answer to all of our ills in our families, communities and the world.

Desiring to stay in God's Plan and Order


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