Tuesday, July 30, 2013

For the Love of Christian Homemaking

There is much to be said of the love of Christian homemaking and it can be defined in many different ways. One might say, "It is the making of a home, putting Christ as center" another also may say, "It of making a haven for those you love" and others will say, "It is the pouring out of yourself into your first priorities, husband and family as you serve the Lord."

And most might conclude that it is all the above.

Now how many of you have been blessed by the writings over at The Legacy of the Home? I definitely have over the years very much enjoyed Mrs. Sharon White's writings of love for home and homemaking. If you ever feel your heart is straying from your home, her entries always draw you right back, and she has always had the love for home as the central focus of her blog over the years.

 She has recently published a book with the same heart, For the Love of Christian Homemaking. 

Here is a description:

"You won't find cleaning advice or the latest ideas for saving money in this book. What you will find is a collection of over 150 visits from Mrs. White's parlour during her homemaking breaks. 

Each visit is from her daily life. These include remembrances, ideas, essays or short daily journals. There are sad time and happy times; sickness and health, different moods; and dealing with the good and bad. These are designed to encourage, inspire, and motivate you to keep the charm and romance alive in a humble home."

Mrs. White is the granddaughter of revival preacher, LD Murphy, and along with her husband, they are natives of New England. They have 5 children and 2 grandchildren and currently live in an old 1800's house in rural Vermont. 

What I enjoyed most out of this lovely book is how she shares with you real snapshots of her life. In this day and age not every women will get to peek inside another older Christian woman's life and see how she personally tends to the home, how she interacts with her family,  how she spends her free time, how she plans, prepares and perseveres, and still gives us good, godly direction altogether! She draws us back to what is simple, peaceful, without all the rush and pressure of this world.  Her focus is keenly on making a home for her beloved family and she does it with grace and strength that she draws from the Lord. She also shares an honest look into what her life is really like and the simplicity and joy (that is thought to be lost in yesteryear) that can be found within the beautiful walls of homelife.

If you already enjoy the encouragement of Mrs. White's writings from her blog, you will definitely enjoy this book!

You can find For the Love of Christian Homemaking now at Amazon by clicking HERE.

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Simply Shelley said...

Sounds like a wonderful book...thanks so much for sharing....many blessings for your word.

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