Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Self-Righteous Wife

...After the honeymoon we returned to our home eager to start our new lives together as one. But soon the fairytale ended and real life began. It didn't look quite like I had imagined. There were no glaring problems. No deep-rooted sin issues. Yet I was extremely aware of my husbands' shortcomings, and I wasn't holding back on sharing my thoughts.

I was quick to point out sin and eager to share "observations" about how he could change or grow as a leader, all under the pretense of being his helpmeet. I judged my husband harshly our first year of marriage. I was quite self-righteous. I thought I was right, and I played the role of his "holy spirit." Like I said, I masked it as being his helpmeet. Wrong!...

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  1. I have read all the post, I have thought..this is for me! I got married in 2011 and..yes..I have a lot of things to learn and to work on! Sometimes we can be so blind, thinking to be right, always. I'm aware that being REALLY a wise woman is not so easy as I thought! I know that I have to continue to grow everyday! I'm looking forward to be a wiser woman, a wiser wife. Have a wonderful day!

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