Monday, December 17, 2012

Hope in the Darkness for Newtown

Our heart felt prayers go out to the families of the tragic shooting massacre that occurred this past week in Newtown, Connecticut and our hearts are broken along with them and our nation. Tears and words cannot express the pain that was felt this past week for the victims, their families, and for those who had any part in the horrible day, we want to take a moment to remember their during loss this tragic time in their lives.

It is a a timely reminder for us all to remember that our true hope is not in this dark and fallen world-- our true hope can only be found in Christ and His finished work on the cross. In Him there is hope and without Him there is not.

Until we, as a country, truly grasp this truth we will move on into deeper darkness as a society. But there is hope....hope for us, for Newton, and all those who have suffered. This truth cannot be ignored--it is an eternal hope. The heavenly hope of eternal life that is a free gift from the Father above for those who believe. May the Lord use this tragic event to bring those who were lost closer to Him.

And may healing fall upon the town of Newtown and upon our nation.


Joyfulmomof6 said...

I grew up in CT, and my parents and sisters live there (I am on the West Coast).
My sister knew the principal. She used to work with her in another school district. My parents went to the relief center on Saturday to pray with people and counsel people.
What we need to keep praying for is that eyes will be opened that it is not more gun control that is needed (although I do agree that no one needs assault weapons) but that people see the problem is the inherent evil that is in all of underscores the incredible sacrifice of our Lord Jesus in leaving His perfect place in Heaven and entering our humanity and suffering with and for us.
May many come to the Savior through this tragedy.

Emma said...

That is such a tragedy,


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