Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Tip: Cook Your Turkey Upside Down

Everyone loves a nice golden turkey on Thanksgiving but not everyone knows how to cook a turkey to make it moist enough and often times it can come out just plain old dry. Smothering it with gravy is a solution but you can get the best of both worlds if you just cook your turkey upside down!

I know that sounds silly but it is not a new technique. In fact, several popular chefs from all across the world recommend this method because they know that it will turn out fabulous. I was surprised when I did a quick Google search on this to find many different ways to cook a bird upside down -and yes, still achieve the golden look too.  

I have always used one of those oven bags to cook my 20+ pound birds and that would help keep the bird moist and tender without the frequent basting that is usually required. But a few weeks ago I made a bird upside down (yes, still using the oven bag) and let me tell you it was 100 times more juicier than I have ever made it in my life.

Now let me just tell you that I am not a bird cooking expert by any means--in fact, the day that I made it the bird was partially frozen (admit it, you've done that before too) and I cooked it twice the amount of time specified (scary, I know, but I needed to get it cooked) and it still turned out quite juicy because all of the juices dripped down to the bottom.

So see, there is no science behind this turkey thing. I know that making a perfect turkey can cause a homemaker to break out into hives especially if she is hosting-but don't worry, try something new and have the upside down turkey be your conversational piece. Trust me, you won't regret it, it will just fall off the bone.

And about achieving the golden look? Well cook your turkey right side up until it turns brown and then spin it upside down afterwards.

Easy peasy.


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Lori Alexander said...

Great suggestion! I am going to do that this year. I cook 2 12 pound turkeys instead of one large one. Easier to maneuver and cooks quicker!

Mrs. Smith said...

So glad to know that! Thank you for telling us! I am holding my breath hoping my turkey will thaw--I think I may have waited too late to buy it...If I am cooking for company, I can find a way to mess up! Hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this information June!! So to get the golden look, you should cook the turkey right side up and then flip it over until it is fully cooked? Just wanting to make sure I understand correctly! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Emily @ Gourmet Mommy said...

I always cook birds this way, and since we buy all of our chicken for the year in the fall in the form of whole birds, I do a lot of roasting! I always cook them breast side down, and very often from completely frozen. 4-5 hours at 350 (with the lid tightly on the roaster) produces the most moist and delicious chicken (or turkey) ever. You can also do your browning at the end of the cooking time, flip it over and leave the lid off the roaster for 30 minutes or so, but I never bother :)

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Yes! You can do a simple Google search to find about how long it takes.

Many blessings...

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Good to know you can do it at the end too it you want! Thanks for the tip and many blessings...

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I've done this and it does make a difference!

Katena Dyser said...

thanks for the tip. I will be doing this year. thanks

Sara Blevins said...

This is very funny topic, because we went to visit a friend and was upset she accidently cooked her bird upside down. I told her I might try this next week, the meat is juicy and tender. She laughed at me and an hour later I see your blog. I just sent her your link, she will be laughing about it. Thank you for sharing, I will definetly try it next time.Sharing it on facebook and your button on my blog.

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