Monday, May 14, 2012

Putting in the Garden, Our Visit to Taltree Arboretum, and Gardening Event Invitation

Last week we put in much of our vegetable garden.

I love making my way through garden centers and looking over all the great flowers, trees, bushes, and gardening supplies. The children and I planted two types of lettuces, kale, onions, sweet peas, green peppers, tomatoes, bush beans, mammoth sunflowers, and zinnias for cutting. I hope they all make it and was told by the lady at the store that planting after Mother's day in my area should be just fine. I love going out to the garden to check on them to see how they are doing. This year I also plan to utilize my farmers market wisely and when great deals strike and I am going to freeze everything for future use and to save money!

Some of you are very good at gardening and some of you have not tried it yet. I encourage you to learn this skill this year if you haven't yet and also to bring your children along side with you so that they can learn this valuable skill as well. 

I also have a small blueberry and concord grape bush waiting to be planted. I can't wait to get these in the ground and hopefully plan to get that in soon.

This past week we visited Taltree Arboretum and Gardens. Taltree boasts 300 acres of woody plant collections, gardens, wetlands, woodlands, trails, and prairie. Its nice to visit other gardens for inspiration! The highlight of the day was the Railroad Garden that was just beautifully peaceful. Here are some pictures:

Beautiful waterfalls were built within...

If you are in the area you should stop by.

Our church is also hosting a gardening event called "Back to Eden: Gardening for a Healthy Life"

where they will be teaching:

-Basic and advanced gardening
-How to plant pumpkins
-How to build a raised bed garden
-How to transplant ground cover and other plants
-How to build a screened in shelter!

and giving away $50 of free trees and plants!

So if you are not doing anything this weekend come and visit us!

(Note: there is a limited amount of people who can attend this event so let us know if you think you can come to reserve your spot.)

Have you started your garden yet and what have you planted?


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Okaasan said...

Did you go to the arboretum for National Public Gardens Day? :D We went to one west of Chicago. It was amazing!

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Okaasan,

Yes, we did! It's free there only once a year so we decided to visit before our trip to the beach. Sounds like you had fun! :)

Many blessings..

Clint Baker said...

What a very neat place!

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