Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Favorite Teacups

Awhile back I had gotten into the habit of using beautiful teacups with my morning coffee. I was so sad when my favorite chintz teacup broke, but tried to be optimistic---it meant I had a reason to buy MORE teacups!

When I stumbled across these, I couldn't resist. They were lovely with all my favorite elements--roses, chintz pattern and the color pink! I was so happy to have found them--they are large in size and just help me to start the day off right...

They came in a beautiful box pictured below and satin cloth, that is wonderful for storing them if needed. Here are my teacups posing with my pink pearls that my husband bought me a few years back as a birthday gift.

My daughter, Naomi, took these photos (Naomi Elizabeth Photography). She has quite a knack for photography and finding the beauty in everyday things. One time she took close up shots tulips leaves (yes, just the leaves) and it just looked amazing--like art!

These photos were taken on my deck and capture our redbud tree making its welcoming appearance for spring in the background.

Yesterday I had posted the shot above this one for my Facebook timeline cover and several people wanted to know where I got them from so I promised to blog about it. You can get these charming tea pretties at Amazon by clicking HERE.

These make a great gift for mother's, sisters, and daughters alike! The above image is from Amazon and the set is called: Gracie China Rose Chintz Porcelain Teacups and Saucers(8 oz.). THEY ARE ON SALE NOW -you can save $10!!!!

Hope you enjoyed viewing my favorite teacups!


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Large Family Small World said...

My favorite tea cup is also my chintz one! Thank you for posting the pictures and the link, I've been wanting more, so I ordered them. I love having tea parties with all of my kids (boys and girls) we use tea time as a chance to learn manners and how to handle fragile things with care. Two and three year olds have been known to help with setting the table and they love getting to use the special cups.

Your daughters photography is wonderful. The pictures of your tea cups are beautiful.

Amy said...

Those are so pretty! I really like the way chintzware looks. My grandmother had a beautiful chintzware teapot when I was growing up.

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Large Family,

That is wonderful--we love tea parties too, I even have a category for them on my sidebar that you might want to check out. I will let Naomi know you liked her photos!

Many blessings...

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Amy,

For some reason I am SOOO drawn to chintz patterns--they are so beautiful to me! I even have a miniature set that is chintz displayed in my china cabinet that is a favorite of mine. I will have to share photos of that in the near future!

Many blessings...

Nanci (Joyfulmomof6) said...

I just love these. I had to order some.

I started a tradition over a year ago of doing weekly Teas with my children. I saw the idea in Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman. I made sure i write it on my calendar each week, so it doesn't get squeezed out of the schedule.

It's so wonderful to just sit and connect with my children in the midst our homeschooling day with no agenda. Sometimes one of my daughters will make scones or another special treat.

I highly recommend this weekly ritual!

Nanci (Joyfulmomof6)

Anonymous said...

So pretty! I have been looking into buying a tea cup set like these so thank you for posting! I have two daughters right now and one is named Naomi Beth, so I love your daughter's name :-)

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I love your teacups June. Anything with rosebuds makes me go weak at the knees! I have been buying up vintage china plates and tea cups at garage sales. I am turning them into cake stands to sell on my daughter's dessert stall at the markets. We found people were resisting the temptation to buy her sweet slices and cakes so we needed something else to attract them to the stall. The inspiration for this was found on pinterest which you first introduced me to so can I blame you for the ever growing stack of china plates and tea cups sitting on my buffet unit! At least it is beautiful clutter! It's going to be hard letting some of them go and if they don't sell I will not be too sad. I will have more than enough to host a high teas but I now need a dresser to store it all in! I will have to remember to take some photos when it is all set up .. just wish I could take photos like your daughter does!

Shanda said...

Beautiful photos and teacups. I have a tea cup and saucer from each grandmother and all my favorite elderly women who have passed on. Such a treasure

Joluise said...

I have some teacups that my mother gave me, very pretty and quite old. I have used them occassionally but I find them far too small for a morning cup and my tea doesn't stay hot enough. So I just look at them instead rather than using. They make nice decorations.

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Joluise,

The one I had that broke was a small one too but these in the picture are huge--8 ounces! Love them (and think I am drinking way too much coffee because of them...;))

Many blessings...

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