Friday, April 13, 2012

Grandchildren are a Blessing

Whatever way you choose to look at it, receiving the miracle of life is a blessing from the Lord.

I love the reaction from these loving parents the first time they heard the wonderful news of a grandchild joining the family. Please click the link below to view it:

Mom and Dad's Priceless Reaction to their Daughter's Pregnancy

What a joyous response! I truly pray that we would all be able to respond that way.

I know that many of us did not receive that response when we told family or even our parents. It was very hurtful and the pain can run deep.  It is a sad thing that such blessed news could be looked down upon or made us to feel shame. Many of you when you watched this just cried because you never received a response like this.

But I believe that we are the generation where that cycle will stop. It will stop with us. We will be the grandparents jumping up and down. We will be the grandparents giving loud praises to the Lord. We will hug and accept. We will LOVE AND CELEBRATE.

Our children will learn from us how to respond and they will pass that on.

And we will make way a NEW path for our children and grandchildren...


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Janelle said...

Oh, that was beautiful! My husband and I will be those grandparents. Unfortunately, we are also the ones whose family meet our joyous news negatively. We found out yesterday we are expecting #6 and are thrilled!!! but, we are already preparing for the reactions. You are right, WE will break that chain - may the joy we feel with each of our babies, be multiplied with each of our grandbabies.

Sandi said...

What a beautiful thought that this can stop with our generation! Amen! Thank you for sharing that!!

Joyfulmomof6 said...

Thank you for sharing.

That was so healing, especially since I was always afraid to tell parents and inlaws (after having the first 2), and the reactions were hurtful

How powerful the enemy is to try to make godly parents feel shame...but as we walk with Him and obey and bring these children into the world, it WILL be different when we are the grandparents

Janelle- rejoicing with you...don't let the enemy steal your JOY!!!

Reese said...

This post really uplifts my spirit after breaking the news to my inlaws of my 4th pregnancy. Their response was "do you not have pity on yourself?" In as much as I appreciate their concern, it still hurts. Whatever happens to the grandparents of Prov. 17:6?

Janelle & Joyfulmomof6-I feel for you. We must kneel down before the Lord so that each and every perfect blessing from above will be welcomed with joy and gladness!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I've seen that before and love it!

We accept with joy all the Lord wants to give us - and we will accept our grandchildren that way as well! In fact we already do have a granddaughter!

Congratulations to Janelle! What a blessing!


Tammy said...


Anonymous said...

That was AWESOME!!! I hope that when the day comes and we receive that wonderful news from our girls that it is that kind of moment. Truly wonderful!!!

Lady Dorothy said...

My husband and I ARE the grandparents that jump up and down, clap our hands, and are authentically thrilled! Even after 17!

Jessica said...

That was beautiful! We got a good reaction with our first baby from family, but after that the reactions were pretty negative. But I think your right. I think when our children tell us they are having children my husband and I will be praising the Lord and crying !:)

Mrs B said...

yes, we are the generation to change things for sure! Announcing no.5 to his mum, hubby was told to 'tie a knot in it'... should God bless us again we'll go back to announcing the way we did with no.4... in a card saying 'we're excited and if you have anything negative to say about it, keep it to yourself!'. They kept it to themselves but didn't come to meet little miss till she was 3mo old!!

Elly said...

Oh what a *wonderful* response!!! I cried :'o) I agree with the ladies' comments above, EVERY child should be welcomed like that!! We only have two little girls and my husband doesn't want any more (though I'd like 100 hehe), so we'll go with the common denominator number :o) But I LOVE big families, LOVE them!!! So ladies, be encouraged and take heart, as you raise those little arrows for the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ!

Anonymous said...

I have prayed for years that God would make me a Titus 2 wife, mother, and grandmother!
I will have the blessing of a first grandchild in August, LORD willing.
I do need prayer please. My daughter, the mother to this child, is a prodigal, and has recently told me that I will never see this child unless her father and I follow all stipulations she has laid out, one of those being to never talk of God, and there are others stipulations.
Please pray. We want so much to be a part of our daughter's life and our grandchild's life.
We want to be grandparents showing the way to the LORD.
I am excited for EVERY mother and grandmother, also grandfathers and fathers when a child comes! Children are "gifts from God".
I loved the years and I am thankful for the years that God gave me with my children, as I raised them by His Word, homeschooling, having fun family adventure, etc.
thank you for prayer.
Congratulations to all who are expecting and all who are grandparents to be!

Honey and Pappy said...

It is not always easy to be happy about our children's babies. My daughter was 17 and not in a "relationship" It has been a long hard road, but he is the sunlight in our days.

Joluise said...

Even though I didn't want a large family - whatever my children did wouldn't result in a negative comment - I would love them if they had 1 or 6 children. I don't understand why grandparents would react in a negative manner as long as the parents were able to look after all the children (both financially and emotionally) then it should be ok.

mary grace said...

Thank you for sharing this! We had been married seven months when we announced our first blessing, and the stunned silence and apologetic attitudes spoke volumes. :-( Truthfully, out of seven children (three by adoption), only one was met with rejoicing at the time of the announcement.

Yes, this will stop with us. I look forward to plenty of grandchildren in my arms!

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