Thursday, January 12, 2012

Decorating with Tea Cups

In honor of National Tea Month, as promised we are having a week of posts full of tea inspiration. Today I am taking a look at decorating with teacups and have found some inspiring ideas over at Pinterest. These first few photos are my favorite I love the idea of a teacup chandelier:

 This is truly breathtaking...I think if I saw this in person I would just stare at it for a long time!
During the holidays I like to deck mine out with ornaments but it looks no where as impressing as this one.

Pearls, teacups and pink are always a favorite and would even look cute in a girls bedroom.

We have all heard of tea candles, but this picture shows tea candle lights! I love how it can be pretty AND safe if you have lots of little children around and still add a glowing ambiance.

Or use one for a pretty display of jewelry on a dresser--

or in one!

Stately on a buffet...

or even dangling from a tree!

(Don't forget, you can find all the links over at my Pinterest board.)

 Also, if you need a good book to learn about tea try this one:

Afternoon Tea by Susannah Blake

I have been admiring these lovely  Gracie China Rose Chintz teacups for awhile now (hmmm...I wonder if they will fit on my chandelier) and will probably pick up a set of these soon. You can find these and more here. 

Hope you enjoyed the inspiration!


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Afirmbeliever said...

I just LOVE tea(cups). Before my move my dining room was all teacups. Even my light was a custom teacup design. Now things have migrated into my bedroom. Teacups everywhere. For my wedding our centerpieces were teapots filled with tearoses. And the favors were teacups (glued to their saucer) filled with dried flowers, buttons, ribbons, pearls (looked a lot like that image of the one with jewelry). A great accent to go with the cups are old silver spoons. Fill the 'spoon' part with very small dried roses (glue them on), and tie a ribbon around the stem of the spoon.

Jean said...

Try pinterest! :-)

cak said...

I LOVE the tea cups on the candle holder such great ideas. I can't wait to try some of these especially making the candle out of a tea cup!

Kathy said...

Tea. Tea cups. Silver tea service. They are all sooo wonderful! Before we moved, my daughters room was all tea and mary Engelbreit. One neighbor told me that teapots belonged in the kitchen. Our Mormon friends werent so sure about it all:)

~~Deby said...

I love these...and I am amazed what we can find on Pinterest...

Sarah @ In Pleasant Places said...

I love teacups! What inspiring ideas, thank you!!!

Angell said...

I have to say, you have definitely gotten me to be a little more feminine. I have always been what I call a "girly tomboy." I wear makeup and a little jewelry but that's about it.

I WANT TO be feminine. Your posts, along with the beautiful pictures have sparked something in me.

One of the pictures on here, I saved and made it a tad bit bigger, printed it and framed it. Now it hangs in my bedroom.

Thanks for all your encouraging words over the years!

I want to be a better woman of God, wife, mother and homemaker and your blog encourages me!

Far Above Rubies said...

So pretty, June.

Barbara said...

Very nice ideas, I love tea cups I have a few and treasure them.

Anonymous said...

i love and collect teacups so you know this appealed to me! i got some great ideas- thanks!


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