Thursday, November 17, 2011

Preparing to Keep Christ in Christmas and Doing it in a Budget Friendly Way

(Jesus is the Gift mug-half off $4.99)

I know that it is not Christmas yet! But if you are like me, you are already playing the Christmas music, making plans of where to put the tree and have started your shopping. I don't like confining Christmas to just one day. No, the Christmas season, I feel, needs to be stretched out as looooong as possible!

Honestly though, we will be in full swing of the holidays in just 8 days! This year I have been thinking about making the holidays meaningful and have several thoughts floating around in my mind: how can we serve more,  how to bless neighbors, and even how can we decorate with Christ as the center in ways that are budget friendly and then I stumbled across these...

I love how special touches truly make a memorable experience for our loved ones...

(Jesus is the Gift Snowflake Apron--50%  off now just  $9.99)

Homemakers everywhere preparing their home to celebrate the Savior's birth...

(Words for the Heart Ornament--50% off and now $3.99)

Reminding themselves of what life is really all about...

 (Handprint ornament--$3.99 half off)

Rejoicing and proclaiming the Good News--
yes, everywhere and especially on the tree!

These Jesus gift bags (start at $1.99) and these Jesus Snowflake gift tags (set of 10 pictured below) for just $1.25 make a wonderful reminder and way to share Him with everyone at Christmas and at such a steal!

 A Wise Woman Tip--orders of over $25 get FREE shipping!
Promo code: SHIPPING25

I am excited and also have many ideas, tips, and thoughts that are free or low budget that I want to share with you for Christmas that will be coming up very soon!

Have you started planning, shopping, or creating gifts for Christmas yet?


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  1. What a beautiful idea!!!!!!! I love it! Tabatata

  2. It's nice to stumble onto reasonably priced items for the home. I get tired of seeing things outrageously priced in the stores and online--who cannot love a great deal especially at Christmas time. Much easier on the wallet!

    Many blessings...

  3. I love all of this stuff Mrs. Fuentes. I love to go over to their website and just gaze at all of the beautiful and God glorifying stuff... it is good to know that some of it is on sale!!!!!!

    I have been doing a series called Cultivating a Christ-Centered Christmas over at my blog that your readers may also find helpful.... lots of budget friendly tradition ideas that focus on our Lord.

  4. Desiring Virtue,

    Thanks for sharing--I will also be sharing more homemade type of tips and other low or no budget ideas soon as well!

    Many blessings...

  5. I love the Jesus is the gift dishes!!

    I grew up always having a home decked out in Christmas decor that focused on Jesus. I loved it and now decorate my home that way!

  6. Kari,

    I wasn't raised that way, but definitely strive to make an environment that is similar for our family! Love stumbling on great ideas too. :)

    Many blessings...

  7. I am so happy that I stumbled upon your blog! It's just what my spirit has been looking for.

  8. Dear Annabelle,

    So glad you found us too! Hope you visit again soon!

    Many blessings...

  9. I love looking at Christmas stuff. I was just at Walmart last night looking at the decorations! I like to wait until after Thanksgiving to get out our Christmas stuff, but I keep it out just about all winter.

  10. Those are great!

    I've started making some gifts. We're putting together peppermint gift baskets for friends and family this year. So far I've made the peppermint soap and chocolate/peppermint hard lotion.

    For the kids this year we're mostly skipping the individual gifts (we will still do stockings though) and instead the gift will be a family trip. We would rather have the memories than more stuff sitting around the house.


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