Monday, August 15, 2011

Titus 2 Series: Sober-Minded Women

Today, six friends and I are writing a series based on the biblical principles taken from Titus 2:3-5. We pray that the topics discussed will inspire and encourage you to draw closer to God and His plan for womanhood. This is my small part of the conversation---Sober-Minded Women.

In closing, you will find a list of lovely ladies and their individual "Titus 2" topic.

I hope you enjoy your time with us!


Sober-Minded Women

Discontentment and lack of joy.

This is how Satan tries to sneak into each and everyone of our lives.

If we are not wise, we allow him to enter...
by NOT taking every thought captive.

By purposefully not taking every thought captive, we allow him to take us captive and we become hostage to his whims--his destructiveness.

We might not know we are doing it. But little by little, we tear down our homes, our families and our marriages with sins such as...

haughty looks, disapproving glances, critical and sarcastic speech, harsh tones, anger, discontentment, cold-heartedness, and a dominating spirit--this list is obviously not exhaustive.

Let me assure you ladies, that women of God WILL be targeted. There is alot at stake. The first person ever in the Bible to be targeted by Satan himself was the first woman on earth.....Eve.

We cannot raise godly seed, build nations, and transform culture if we are fixated on ourselves with a Jezebelian-like spirit. Satan will attempt to steal our marriage, children and homes if we allow him (and our flesh) to. He wants us distracted, for little foxes destroy the vineyard ( Song of Soloman 2:15).

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10-11

With that in mind, I urge you to think sober-mindedly. To go about your day in joyful peace knowing the Lord is triumphant, but also with your sword of the spirit intact as you remember that we are waging a daily spiritual battle as long as we are here on earth. As I shared with my children the other day----every moment we are either doing the work of God or the work of the devil, which one will you do?

My prayer is that we will have spines of steel, steadfast determination and the wisdom of God as we recognize and destroy Satan's work at first sight, and that we will protect our homes from all evil.

And it must begin with us first.

"That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed." Titus 2:4-5


Please join the following ladies as they share their heart with you on each individual “Titus 2” topic.

 Far Above Rubies-Keeper at Home
 The Modest Mom--Being Chaste
 Raising Mighty Arrows--Being Discreet
 Cultivating Home--Loving Your Children
 The Legacy of Home--Being Obedient to Your Husband
 Simple Country Life--Loving Your Husbands


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Carol Fleisher said...

great insight into being sober minded. I always thought it ment something different. Thanks for the clarification. I love your blog!

Far Above Rubies said...

June, thank you for the encouragement to stay sober. I also appreciate your prayer to remain strong because of our enemy who desires to destroy us.

Again, thank you,


Anonymous said...

amen, thank you for writing this series... i look forward to more.

You are indeed a Titus 2 woman and i have learned so much from your blog!

Many blessings,

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Being sober minded requires that we stay alert. We must stay vigilant lest Satan get a foothold in our lives.

We are bombarded daily with many voices that draw us away from God's word, our homes, and from contentment. We need to be in the Word and in prayer asking God for help and guidance along the rocky way.

We need wisdom as we discern falsehood in our lives--whether it is from the outside or within.

Many blessings...

Amy said...

These are good insights. I think it's very easy to think we are being sober-minded if we simply take care not to be too frivolous and airheaded. However, I think you're right about needing to take every thought captive and be careful of things such as sarcasm or discontentment which can destroy. Easier said than done for all of us sinners, but definitely a crucial discipline to take on.

Brittany said...

It's amazing how the "little" things can really tear down a home. The big thing that hit me was "sarcasm." Even in a kind and gentle tone, I can be sarcastic. That's not the work of the Lord!! Thank you for the reminder!!!

Raising Mighty Arrows said...

Great post, June. Thank you for sharing and for the wonderful reminder to be sober-minded!

Miss Jen said...

This was excellent, Mrs. Fuentes!!
Thank you!

Much Love~ Miss Jen

Victorianlady8 said...

I love older women instructing younger women, in how to care for their families, thank you for sharing and for encouraging those not older ;) to do better! What a precious blessing to be a younger woman now to read the blogs of those that have gone before them and have experienced the road ahead, to be encouraged and exhorted in godliness! Thank you for being there!

LeAnn said...

This post was very enlightening. I loved the insights on being sober minded. We do need to keep on track with following God and not listening to Satan. We can do this and it is so important. Today's world is a hard one to live in because we are surrounded by so much evil.
Keep up the good words and enjoying the moments!

living from glory to glory said...

This is a ministry to so many women,It is the high calling for us to train and teach other women. I believe when we allow discontentment and lack of joy to come in, our hold on being sober minded gets cloudy. Scripture gives us the sword of His word to stop this willy nilly thinking. Very well written and much needed.
Thank-you! Miss Roxy

va_grown said...

Both a lovely and a harsh truth--words I needed to hear. The world wants us to think there's some middle ground, some gray area, but there's really not. Your thoughts and actions are either of God, or NOT of God. Period.

Thank you for sharing, I'm also looking forward to reading the other ladies posts.

Michelle said...

"The first person ever in the Bible to be targeted by Satan himself was the first woman on earth.....Eve."

June, that, in itself is very sobering. How we need to stay on the straight and narrow every day, fixing our eyes on Jesus and remembering that if He was tempted then who are we to think that we will somehow escape.

Thank you for such wise words of admonition.

Anonymous said...

You have the most inspiring blogger its very encouraging. I have been inspired to use some of your devotionals in Bible Group I'm in Read the Bible...I use your name. I hope this is alright when you said you post to share so I share it too :D
Thank you so much, feel free to email me please you may reach my
God BLess You,

Fish With Trish said...

Good word. God bless you!

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