Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Destructive Influence of Foolish Women

The destructive influence of foolish women is readily apparent in the secular world. In recent years we have seen the power of foolish women to tear down and destroy the moral sensitivities and fiber of an entire nation. We can all think of high-profile women---entertainers, politicians, wives of public figures---whose philosophies and lifestyles have wielded an enormous, negative influence on our entire culture.

However, what should trouble us even more in the extent to which foolishness among women has permeated the evangelical church. We have followed the world in redefining what it means to be a woman, as well as what it means to be a man. We have blurred, if not eradicated, the distinctions between feminine and masculine character, behavior and roles. We have lost our moorings, our sense of what is pure and good, true and right. We have little comprehension of the meaning or importance of such old-fashioned words as wholesome, modest, discreet, and chaste.

...Those of us who are "older women" have a responsibility to train the next generation of women in the ways of God: to teach them the characteristics of wise and foolish women, to warn them against the dangers and consequences of being foolish, and to instill in them a vision and commitment to be wise women. We also need to teach our sons and young men the difference between wise and foolish women--what qualities to admire and what qualities to avoid in women.

-Nancy Leigh Demoss, Biblical Womanhood in the Home


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Anonymous said...

great post!!

Gail said...

So true! We moved about 3 years ago, and I've been looking for that 'older' woman who would invest and teach me these things. She has been hard to find, and as of now, still left unfound. Thank you for sharing this Miss June!

Hannah said...

Great Post!!! I REALLY liked the pics that went with it! (= And the thought that we must teach our sons the diff between wise or foolish women! God bless your day!

lisa said...

How true this is! Thanks, June for the reminder!

Amy said...

Great post! I have sometimes found myself discouraged in church settings where worldly values are adhered to and praised in women while those described in the Bible go unrecognized or even are even denigrated.

Gabe said...

Great post! We are really working to teach our children of the dangers of foolishness, and how to recognize it! The church in general is full of foolish women, we try to find wise women to spend time with and encourage the children to visit with so that we may learn from them!

Anonymous said...

How difficult to find older women who don't value all things worldly.

It is also difficult to be an influence to younger women who aren't interested!

That is why I continually fill my mind with all things lovely, pure, noble and right and true.

It is the only way to rise above the worldly standards that pull us down into the muck and mire.

Sonia said...

Thank you for posting! Like others have posted, I have had the hardest time finding this in churches and now I am getting to the age where I could be this for others. Studying and following the Word are all some of us have in real life and I am so thankful for like-minded women in "blogland".

Anonymous said...

Great article. I love the book by Nancy leigh DeMoss. I never had an older woman to mentor me and when I became the older woman I tried to guide some younger women to God's Word and what it said about being a woman of God, but they were too busy with their worldly lives. My husband and I began a home church and we were able to mentor 4-5 younger families on what it meant to be biblical families. I would mentor the wives and my husband the men. We have now moved and that home church has grown. We are now looking to begin again in our new community.

Kathy said...

Can I be honest? I KNOW this should be encouraging. BUT I think Im the older woman. Im not sure how that happened but people are looking to me. It's a huge responsibility and im scared. Guess its not about me but just pointing to Truth. I know Truth. I can point. By God's Grace, this too can be done.

Amy said...

It has taken me about two years to develop the strong convictions of what scripture teaches who women are to be and thier purpose. I scoffed at the ideals of a woman giving up her own career to stay home and have a bunch of children. I hated housework and anything in relation to the home including family. I tried not to act too feminine because femininity depicted weakness in my mind.
God has changed my heart to embrace the beauty of His creation of women. I feel purposeful and fulfilled in my household duties and in serving my family. It is the greatest challenge of my life and there is so much potential for influencing souls for His Kingdom!
Praise God!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

'The destructive influence of foolish women' would have been a good headline for the news article I read yesterday. In a country led by a woman it just had to happen - they are sending women to the front line. It will destroy families and cost lives because they want to as Nancy Leigh De Moss states 'redefine womanhood'. I hate to say this but I know there will be Christian women who will not be opposed to this or be prepared to speak out against it.
Thank you June for all your encouragement to us to be wise women and build our homes and be a Godly influence in our churches and communities.

Kelly said...

The information presented is certainly true, but it'd be nice to have a few bullet points of how to change that. Some "how to" to go with the "what's wrong".

Vilisi@islandmusings said...

I was just thinking along the same line as Kelly. Some examples or specific illustrations to support the discussion would be good. For example, I was wondering as I was reading, what might be some of these foolishness of women that has penetrated even the evangelical church? Maybe just one or two specific points on what is foolishness and what is biblical in the context of today would be helpful. Thank you and God bless.

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