Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When Life is Hurried

The sun is down and the moon is up, little teeth are brushed and jammies are on. Bible story is read, prayers are said, and off they go, shuffling down the hall.

Do one thing, then the next, and the next, then off to bed.

Kiss on the forehead and turn out the light.
I find myself hurrying through our routine. It's my time to get evening chores done, and the sink needs scrubbing, coffee pot needs setting, email needs checking.

But there's a quiet voice from a sleepy boy who is standing in the doorway: "Mommy, can I sleep with you?" he whispers.

"Not tonight, honey," I reply. I look into his eyes; they are turned down, he feels rejected. It pierces me.

"Come here and let me hold you for awhile," I say.

He crawls up into my arms.

I rock him, sing softly to him... remembering what it was like to hold him when he was so much smaller, just a baby, with wrinkled skin and rosy cheeks and clear eyes. He's not a baby anymore, he's six, but he's still my baby and always will be.

As he begins to fall asleep, I nudge him. "Let me carry you to bed and I'll lay with you there for a little while."

We crawl into his bed and I draw up the covers, snuggling in. I kiss his little boy cheeks, rub his head, trace my finger on his nose.

After awhile, when his breathing is steady and slow, I inch to the edge of the bed and gingerly, gently, slip one of my legs out from under the covers. So much to get done…

His little hand clenches my shirt.

"Don't go," he whispers.

And so I stay awhile longer.


Time with our loved ones slips by so quickly; Lord, help us to treasure, savor, embrace every moment.

Will you make a special effort to be fully present and linger with those dear to you today?

Jaime is a daughter of the King, minister's wife, and homeschooling mother. She writes about biblical womanhood, homemaking, and whole foods at Like a Bubbling Brook. 
Be sure to pop by and say hello!

A big thank you to Jaime for guest posting here today--she is also one of the new contributors to our sister site, The Homeschool Corner and has a new post there today as well that you won't want to miss, so make sure you stop by there too!


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Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

So true! I need to treasure these moments as they grow up all too quickly...

jessalyn said...

ah yes, to can completely relate to this. I am thankful for your reminder to be still and enjoy them.

Mrs. Stam said...

this is a beautiful post! Thanks for the reminder to SLOW down, we do not need to be so hurried all the time!

Kristen said...

So beautifully written. My baby is almost 8 months and I try to treasure every snuggly moment!

Shonni said...

Beautiful post!!!

heidi @ wonder woman wannabe said...

precious reminder. :)

i've been 'staying' quite a lot the past few days attempting to comfort a sick toddler. while i'm so willing to do so, i'm ever so thankful he's feeling better so I can get much needed renewal for myself as well so i can pour out even more.


Claire said...

What a sweet post!


Jola said...

I'd always love to answer yes. How not to reject any of the hug-hugry little ones, though? I've got only three kids and find it difficult to have a special time with each one. I admire mums who can patiently love their big families.How do you organize your day? Would you recommend any book how to deal with it?

Summer said...

Beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes.

Shannon said...

Wow. THis is a timely post. Only last night, I was reminded greatly of the importance to slow down. I have been leaving our adopted two year old with siblings a lot, in order to spend time alone with my husband, clean the house, get the dinner on...etc. Last night, she reminded me that SHE needs me to remain devoted to her bonding process by having a complete meltdown (these are not fits or tantrums, but very different, abandonment related distressful crying jags.) I felt such remorse, but am determined to do better, with God's help.

Erika said...

I pray to be a mother like this one day. All glory be to Christ's enabling life within us!

Anonymous said...

What a timely post. Just last night after I had put our almost eight month old to bed, I was passing by the kids bedroom and went in to hug, kiss and tuck in our four other little ones. "Mom, will you pleeeease read Farmer Boy?", they pleaded. We only have two chapters left until we can start the next book in the series and since the baby arrived our nightly readings haven't been as regular. I hesitated, getting ready to answer, "Not tonight". I was so tired and it was almost 9 pm. But something tugged at my heart. What's fifteen more minutes going to matter? Our kids will be grown up and have families of their own in a blink of an eye and then I will wish I would have taken that extra fifteen minutes to read Farmer Boy. So I did...and I'm so glad I did. I'm sure there will be nights that I say "Not tonight, but I'm praying I will say "Yes, my little ones" more often!

Rhonda Devine said...

Oh, I remember those cuddling days--take them while you can:)
Sweet post!

Mrs.C said...

Takes me back to the days when my gals were younger and just needed Momma to snuggle. Now I find it's me, catching them whenever I can, for hugs, they're getting busier with age. We're never too old to just stop and make sure both parent and child show appreciation and tenderness every chance we get.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

Beautifully said!

My baby has a bad case of pneumonia so most everything has stopped the last two days and I have been loving the extra snuggles.

Thank you for sharing!

God's Most Precious said...

I just want to testify.... I just went on and did not see the title because my little 3 yr old was at his bedroom door... so I put the laptop down and went to go see him and asked what was wrong, and he said "I just want to hug you mommy", and because this is now mommy time I just rushed him off to his bed and told him had to go to sleep. I came back to the laptop and just saw the words "mommy I cant sleep" and skimmed through the post quickly and then looked at the title ... THANK YOU for this post God totally used you to speak to me!!! Its time to go give my little one a hug, kiss and apology... good night and God bless you...

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

How lovely to hear from Jamie here today and what a lovely post. I have just finished reading Mary Beth Chapman's book 'Choosing to See'. It has made me determined to just bask in those moments with my children - today's moments are tomorrow's memories and I ask myself what I want to remember most in the days to come - how I shined my sink each night or the bedtime prayers with my precious children who I still get to tuck in. Each night my twin girls insist that after praying for them that I pray for their teddies or dolls - it's usually Winnie the Pooh who is deemed to be the one in most need of intercession! I say aloud to myself 'I'm a crazy mother - I pray for teddy bears!' I'm grateful that Pooh bear is likely to be popular for years to come - whenever I see his picture it will take me back to these moments.

All Things Lovely said...

We'd love to have you join the growing community at Blessings! =)

Sophia said...

And I thought my kids were the only ones that wake up as soon as my feet hit the floor! :) Thanks for letting me know I'm in good company, and thanks for the reminder not to let it annoy me. I often think of how fast they're growing and how much I'd like to just "freeze" them at the age they are right now.

Mrs. Price said...

Such a wonderful post. In the midst of a stressful time I have to stop and remind myself to spend quality time with my oldest son. He is only 2, but every extra snuggle or moments of wrestling mean the world to him.

Far Above Rubies said...

Beautiful post. Thanks for the reminder to treasure such times.

God bless you, Jaime and June.

Colleen said...

What a beautiful post. I had tears in my eyes because I know how I sometimes rush to get through the moments with my son so I can enjoy other things for myself.
Thank you for sharing this inspiring and to me, convicting, experience.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post and thank you for the reminder. I just realised the other day that my daughter will start school in 3 years... sounds a long time until i realised that she is 3 already!! The years with her have flew by, and i need to remember to spend quality time with her when i can. Time with the little ones goes so fast and it wont be long before they are too old for mummy's hugs at bedtime. I dread when that comes!! Hug their soft chubby little cheeks while you can LOL!


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