Thursday, February 10, 2011

Please Don't Read This Blog!

Please don't read this blog if you...

have neglected to care for your husband, children and home today in order to read it.

Please don't read this blog if you...

think that I am perfect, my home is perfect, and my children are perfect and that you would do well to emulate me, because we definitely are not.

Please don't read this blog ...

if you look to it to be your spiritual guide and not the Bible.

Please don't read this blog...

if you value what it has to say over your husband.

Please don't read this blog...

and look at it as a final authority on God's Word.
Search the Scriptures yourself and be like the Bereans.

Please DO read this blog if are encouraged here

and growing in the Lord
and in your ever important role of helpmeet, wife and homemaker.

We are so happy to have you along for the journey~

You are truly a blessing to us

we are so thankful for you

and we hope you are blessed here!


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  1. I LOVE this - that is my identical hearts cry for my blog!!! Thanks June!

  2. I am truly blessed when I visit your blog June!

    Hop on over to my place and read my poem please!

    Love, Linda

  3. Great Word for today sister! Says exactly what my heart says about my blog. You are such a blessing!

  4. Thank you for this post! It is a wonderful reminder to keep perspective in the busy lives we lead! You are always welcome to stop by my blog"Love Alone". Thanks!

  5. My heart's cry as well~thank you, June:)

  6. Love, love this post! What perfect words.

  7. Such a wise post, and my heart's desire as well. Always desiring to encourage others to go to His word, obey His truth, follow Him, love Him more.

  8. Absolutely! I feel the same exact way. I never want my blog reading to take up time someone should be using to do the things they need to and all of the other things you said - to the dotted i!

    Blessings! Wonderful post,

  9. Your blog is the mom to 10 I dont get over here as much as I like but when I do it is always a sweet blessing!! Love todays post!!!

  10. I love this post! And while I'm sure you don't have all the answers when it comes to child raising, I'd still love to pick your brain...;-)

  11. Very well put. Sometimes it is very easy to neglect things that ought not be neglected to blog and even easier to idolize or at times envy the other women that you think might be doing a better job than yourself. We must be reminded to keep things in perspective and to make sure we have our priorities in line.
    I do read your blog and enjoy is so much for encouragement and a little extra umph to keep at it.

  12. Dear Mrs. Fuentes,
    This post is exactly the reason why you are such a blessing to all; in everything, you admonish us to have our priorities straight and parallel to the Bible. On behalf of all the ladies who frequent here, I want to say that you are sincerely loved and appreciated! May the Lord always keep you humble, wise and virtuous - qualities rare in contemporary women today.
    Blessings in Christ ~NM

  13. Mrs. Fuentes,

    This is why I enjoy your blog. You encourage women with the truth, while always pointing them towards the Word of God.

    Blessings to you,

    -Lady Rose

  14. Well said, June. It's my heart's cry as too.

    I am always encouraged here.

  15. I am truly blessed when I stop by your blog. We are all trying to share Gods word and how He works in our lives. Thanks for the great reminder.

  16. I am always blessed by your blog. I visit, read and leave comments on the blogs I follow once a week. I don't neglect family over blogging, but this post was great!

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