Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Homemaking Aprons You'll Love

Homemaking is fun especially when you have the right apron:

Love, love, LOVE the blue on this one
Women's Apron Aqua Damaske

But simply adore the ruffles on this one
since I am a *pink* kind of gal!

This red one is quite sassy and is known as
Women's Apron Sassy Red

and this black one is chic and elegant
Women's Apron Sassy Black

Ahhh---this green makes me think of spring, how adorable this would be to wear out in the garden...
How many more days until spring again?

for girls and moms

to inspire your little homemaker!

The cutest gloves I've ever seen:

in all sorts of cheerful colors to brighten your day!

And don't forget about him:

Yes, it's a cook's apron. And it's masculine. See?

Ha, ha! Just included that for laughs because in the Fuentes household there is always lots of talk about what is manly and what is not.

So, in this home only masculine aprons for men make the cut. :)

Happy Homemaking!


(Many of these cute aprons are now on sale, so be sure to check it out!  Here is a Wise Woman tip--they have 15% off all aprons with minimum $50 purchase using code VALAPRON. Also note that there are some aprons in the men's category that you might feel are questionable for their humor,
please just use discretion.)


Patrizia said...

I am nothing without an apron! I tell my daughters, "have to get my uniform on" Sometime, I dont realize Ive worn it all day! *note to self* take apron off when husband comes home! hehe....

Rejoicing In Him, Patrizia

brightlight08 said...

I love those aprons! So pretty and feminine while being completely functional...Love it! I can't wait to get one.

Blessings in Messiah,

JennyMay said...

I love these aprons! thanks for posting...I totally agree...I have the best aprons - one that my mother made is the best...check it out if you have time...I am going to make one of my own this year as I am learning how to sew. HEE!



Mrs. June Fuentes said...


I am the same way--but with these aprons, they are just so cute you just want to keep them on! ;)

Many blessings...

A Restful Place said...

Beautiful Aprons! Thanks for sharing them on here! I'd love to have one some day! I absolutely love your blog, very encouraging! Thanks so much for sharing here!


Gabe said...

Oh I love those aprons! I'm still trying to get in the habit of putting mine on every morning so I can at least have some hope of ending the day with clean clothes (cooking and caring for six little ones can make that quite a challenge!). ;)

My favorite apron right now is one I made using the "busy bias" pattern. http://www.gabesbabes.com/2010/06/busy-bias-apron.html

Brenda said...

We've been watching I Love Lucy on DVD and she had teh cutest aprons on! (Sometimes to hide her pregnancy!) Also the dresses...but don't get me started on that. The 50s were lovely.

Amanda @ Gods Highest Calling said...

I LOVE those aprons. I dont know how I would pick hehe. I need to get one, have wanted one for quite some time. They are so pretty!

Nabi said...

So pretty!!! I just LOVE them :-)

Don and Shelly said...

These are fabulous! Aprons are part of the "uniform" around our home!!

Our Feminine Favorite is Lilla Rose Flexiclips and we wear them everyday:

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