Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Motherly Affections

This should be one of the motherly affections

that echoes in all our hearts:


Do not give away to others
what you have not

first given away at home.



  1. That is such a beautiful painting! May I ask the name of the artist?

  2. So very true, and convicting! Thank you!

  3. I've always thought that! I'm happy to see that someone agrees with me :)

  4. That is indeed a beautiful painting and such wonderful words, I have extremely enjoyed your blog and sure will be back, thank you for sharing with us bloggers.
    In his love, Barbara from

  5. Good counsel to apply to our husbands as well as children. Thank you June.

  6. Good post and so true. thanks for posting it.

  7. So very true and so needed in our homes today

  8. It my first time at your blog. I love it. Beautiful thought.

  9. Thank you for this important reminder! It is so easy for me to say yes to "good things" without praying and seeking my husband's guidance and counsel first. Soon all of those "good things" collectively become not so good because they interfere with my role as a helpmeet, mother, and keeper-of-the-home. May I be a woman that seeks God's will on all these things. I pray that I would consistently allow the Lord and my husband to help me keep my priorities in order and balance things so I will not settle simply for "good things" but instead aspire for God's best (for me and my family)!

  10. What a simple statement, with so much meaning.

  11. This has been a struggle of mine this school year. As a homeschooler, it is easy to get confused about when it is OK to take a day off to help a friend and when we must say no. I feel guilty if I do either, so usually, I do what is least guilt provoking! *sigh* Any words of wisdom on making the best choice would be helpful. I feel so torn between being a blessing to others and keeping my first things first!

  12. Jenn4Him: Can you schedule a day of the week that is free for things like that? I know emergencies don't happen on a schedule, but if you had a free day built in, then when an emergency came up you could go help, and then make up that school day on the free day. I'd also make it clear to friends and family that you are schooling on these days at this time and please don't disrupt that time for frvolous issues. If you were a teacher at a public school, they wouldn't call during school hours unless it was an emergency.

    It's hard to balance sticking to the plan with the flexibility to do God's will as HE chooses. Perhaps a prayer each morning that it would be clear when to disrupt your day?


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