Saturday, December 10, 2016

Homeschooling Through the Holidays

I had some company over yesterday and we were all sharing how it has been especially challenging to get anchored in our school year this year. The year is moving quickly by and getting into a solid rhythm like we had in the past can escape us at times--just due to the activities of every day life. Now, with the holidays around the corner, I shared with them that I expected November and December to be a nice blur... and then when  January would arrive we can really 'buckle down'.

Now I would have never thought this as a brand new homeschooler. I would have obediently abided by my premade schedule----do or die! We would do exactly what was scheduled that day and if it was not done, then stress, anxiety and guilt would haunt me. Can anybody relate?

Now that I have a few years under my belt and a senior that will graduate soon, I have learned a few things.

1. Don't stress about lost days or time. You can easily make up time that was lost because you have the advantage of one-on-one private tutoring. People pay others big money for this service and learning can happen in a third of the time through private tutoring than in a public school environment. Last year I was ill for several months and my children were able to enter this year just fine. Also, stressing out does not help your children, your school environment or cultivate in your children to desire to homeschool their children one day.

2. There will just be some months that are just plain busy (especially December) so plan accordingly. I know some homeschoolers who take the entire month off and get right back on track afterward. Are their children damaged for life? Hardly--they use the entire month to do exciting, and oftentimes hands-on educational activities to spice up their schooling and don't feel a tad bit guilty as they know that the winter months ahead will not allow for the same kind of fun or opportunities or service. Look for creative opportunities of education that fit the occasion--can your child write a Christmas newsletter for the entire family? This could count for creative writing, language arts, and computer. Think outside the box!

3. It's okay to pitch the schedule--don't let your schedule control you. Sometimes I am leery about writing too many details into our school planner because I don't know just what will lie ahead for the week and would feel stressed or like a failure if I did not follow those plans. So now I like to 'loosely' schedule. Loose scheduling gives me freedom to move things to next week or month if I can get to it that day. If surprises come up,  I am assured that it is not something that will be the demise of my homeschool (and this is advice coming from a notorious list-maker!) There have been times when I did not do what I had put on the list and followed the Lord's leading instead and it made for a delightful and victorious school week--way better than one I could have ever planned.

4. Remember that life is a process of learning. We won't be able to teach them everything in a year or even 12 years---but we can give them tools to learn and equip them for a lifetime of learning. We need to nurture their natural desire to learn and not have them (or us) burn-out doing thousands of pages of work book problems because some curriculum designer has dictated that to us.

5. Have Fun - It is okay to have fun, let loose and just enjoy the holidays! Do all the Christmas traditions you have been wanting to do and crankup the Christmas music. This is the season for joy!

What are some of your favorite tips to homeschool through the holidays?

Share them in the comments below!

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Mrs. Stam said...

Those are great tips, thanks for sharing them, I'm just starting our homeschooling journey and I will keep this advice in mind


Teresa said...

Hello June,
I know what you mean by the year passing by so quickly! It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It doesn't seem like we have done our school on such a tight schedule this year, but we've been learning new things. Our oldest daughter and myself have been learning sewing and knitting. We've been doing more baking, which in turn we give to different ones in the family and at church. We've been taking care of our home and trying to de-clutter. We do our study from our bibles every day and I try to make sure that every day we get some reading and math done. We've been doing some unit studies that the kids showed an interest in and after it was over they so loved having done it and learned about that topic. So we haven't done things like years past, but like you, it has been fun! They are learning, learning from the Bible, and we all seem more relaxed!! We are thinking on doing some just fun stuff as we get closer to the holidays. Hope you have a wonderful day!!

jenniferO said...

Very true!!! I won't go into the long story but I will say this helped me make a decision today (I'm not even a newbie). Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The Lord knew I needed this encouragement today. I amin my second year. For some reason I am having a hard time being anchored as well. I due believe things are flying and my seasons with my children's age is changing. What worked before or even last month doesn't now for my toddler who is growing into preschool level.

Thanks. I needed the tips.

Kristin said...

I have been so stressed about this. Feeling like I am falling behind. Feeling like we have not found a good solid groove yet...Thanks for this very encouraging post. When you are only in your second year of schooling and don't have the perspective of long time experience, it can be really tough.

Lynda said...

All homeschoolers need to be reminded of this now and again. Thank you for this post. Your blog is being featured this week on my blog in my "A Shining Blog" feature. Thank you for all your wise council.

Susie said...

Thank you for that helpful post on not stressing about those "unschooling" days. (Though, children learn something everyday, don't they?) We are in our 24th year of homeschooling and the thoughts you put down on paper are exactly how I feel. It is so easy to stress about educating our children, but if we are homeschooling for the Lord and not man, all will be well in the end. Teach, relax, enjoy the days!! Thank you for sharing.

Rhonda Devine said...

Amen, June, Amen:)

Nabi said...

This is so true Mrs.Fuente,
Thank you!


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