Saturday, November 20, 2010

Contentment in Our Homes

There are many ways a homemaker can learn to be content in her home. Awhile back my husband and I decided to redo our  kitchen and replace the cabinets (by the way, you can click here if you are looking to find great bathroom wall cabinets). It was an incredible task, my husband pretty much tackled it all on his own in between his hours of working full time with practically only my young sons as helpers.  You moms can imagine what it was like to have 10 people to feed, without a  stove hooked up or sink and just an average size microwave to make it through! It was quite a challenge to figure out the logistics of it all (especially with baby twins) and I don't think I  ever wanted to see another paper plate or piece of plastic silverware ever at that point--but somehow the good Lord brought us through it all! We lived that way for three months.

The entire time I asked the Lord for patience. I knew it would be easy to grumble, complain or have a pity party (yes, even for something that was going to bless us in the long run)---but how would that have helped the situation? Instead I tried my best to make it fun--a journey if you will, and be creative eating healthfully without cooking (which, by the way can be a pretty healthy way to go for many!). I knew I must be thankful and look at the situation with new eyes.

 "Godliness with contentment is great gain." 1 Timothy 6:6

Do I always choose this in a situation? No, I am human just like you and make wrong decisions sometimes--but the point is to definitely learn from our bad choices.

But June, you say, your story is nothing compared to what I am going through, you had it easy! I chose this story because sometimes as women we tend to focus in on the small details of things in our home or life that we don't like, or when things don't go our way we get discontented and distracted by it.

Believe me, I have many stories like this one--many  even worse! (Now this is a very mild story compared to some that I have  --but at this time I am only sharing this one to spare you! ;)) You are not alone in your struggles, as many women have gone through many hardships, poverty, illness, abuse and neglect and such and have found ways to make it through with a grateful and contented heart. I am thankful, now that I look back and see that with EACH difficult  instance in my own life the Lord was carefully chiseling away at my sinful heart and helping me become more like His Son.

I would like to share this new clip on Choosing Contentment to encourage you by Joy over at The Stay at Home Missionary:

(Remember to turn the music off in the sidebar!)

What challenging situation does the Lord have you in today?

Does He want you to look at your situation with new eyes?

Many times He places these situations in our lives to further refine us. 

How can you choose contentment today?

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Mrs. Stam said...

I love this post and also the one that you link too! I love the book calm my anxious heart by Nancy Dillow, she change mu view on contentment!

I choose to be content but I also am LEARNING to be content!

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Thank you for sharing Joy's video - I just love her! She inspires me!

We have to remember that there will always be people with more than us and there will always be people with less than us. So we must be free right where God has planted us!


Mrs. P. said...

I definitely have contentment issues. This post reminded me that this is an area that needs to be more of a priority in my prayer life.

Jessica said...

God is putting the perfect posts in my path today! :) I've recently written about hard times, and I've recently written complaining about things but still saying we need to be "content" where we're at.

I've been thinking so much on this contentness thing lately though (a lot actually). Are we really not supposed to picture other possibilities or places our life could go? Aren't we supposed to dream and have goals to work towards in order to keep us striving to better ourselves? At some point doesn't contentment lead to complacency? I'm finding this so hard, because I can see both sides and agree with both sides. Maybe I'm just mixing something up, and it's really simple, just having a hard time fully grasping if it's one or the other, or if there's a balance we need to strike.
Thank you again for this, perfect timing, but then God's timing always is! ;)

Jamie (Pursuing the Old Paths) said...

I wrote a post on contentment last night and this morning a reader left a comment on my blog saying how funny it is that several blogs she follows will write about the same thing on the same day just when she needed to hear it. After reading her comment, I opened your e-mail and here you are talking about contentment. Very good article. Here is a link to my post on contentment if you would like to read it.

I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for writing.


Anonymous said...

greetings from ireland.
i just want to say that its not only a pleasure to read your post but i have learned so much from your godly advise. i have two boys one with special needs ,he does go to school but the first 10 years were very hard .i felt trapped not being able to work full time... i now realise that it is and has been a blessing all along (to stay at home)the devil stole many precious years ..but my sweet jesus is restoring them...if i had only known then what i know now..evey one loved us and supported me through them...but no one had any words of wisdom that worked that is untill i got to know god and what HE expected from me, he told me to be a proverbs 31 woman and your blog has shown me how its obtainable in a world that says different.
i have a long long way to go "not perfect yet perfected"may god give you (he already has) and continue to give YOU the desires of your heart.
m (eire)

Anonymous said...

hi greetings from ireland.i want to say how wounderful it is to read your posts.for years i have been that "foolish woman".i thought for years i had every right to be because i was hurting (special needs son).the devil has stolen many precious years from me,but my good lord is restoring them.we had love and support but no one had any words of wisdom that worked.i felt trapped because i couldnt do the things my friends where doing (now i know god was in it all along) like working and socializing but im the blessed one now thank god.all he expected from me was to trust him ..i did and the desires of my heart were changed.i want to be and i am in training to be a fully qualified proverbs 31 woman.its not easy long hours no pay, lots of homework taken for granted. i think i have a knack for it LOL.
i look to your insights for encouragemant, YOU are a very knowledgable lady.
you are a queen.

Anonymous said...

I really needed to read that post today! Especially as i have been suffering discontentment the last week or so... sometimes i feel like i am alone in trying to live life as a full time and content SAHM. Its hard sometimes, especially when i see others doing everything different, seeming to have an easy time and the pressure to be like them is great. But "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" (Prov. 1:7) and i know what the Lord says is best :) I want to thank you for all the encouragement i have received from reading your blog. I am sure others would agree with me when i say that it is a great support link for women who can feel like they are standing alone sometimes.


Vanessa W. said...

Thank You for sharing! Everything you post is a BLESSING!

Abundant Love, Joy , Peace, and Blessings ♥

Vanessa :)

PinkGranny said...

Thank you for your timely post on contentment. It is a blessing to read this before the holiday rush. I am truly blessed when I pause to think of the gifts He has blessed my life with.

Grace said...

I've been struggling with this as well because we're just not where I think we should be, financially. However, I just got back in touch with an old friend, and she is only one level above being homeless with 6 children (oh, she has a husband, that's another story). And then I feel guilt for being relieved that we have a house to live in. "There but for the Grace of God go I..."

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