Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Giveaway Winners Are...

The giveaway winner for Apple Valley Natural Soap is...MaryMc!!!!

 and the giveaway winner for the Scentsy Wickless Candle system set is...Claire Bellington!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  I will need both of you to contact me with you email information as soon as possible. Thank you! And for those of you who have not won yet, you will have another chance VERY soon.

I have a giveaway coming up later today! Stay tuned!



MaryMc said...


Do you mean ME, Mary McMichael????

If so...how exciting!

Here's my email:


And if you are referring to someone else...oh well! Maybe I'll win next time.

Thank you for your lovely site which encourages me so much.

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Yes, its you!

Thanks so much for contacting us and we will be in touch shortly!

Many blessings...

Claire Bellington said...

Yes! my email is claire_bellington@yahoo.com. Thanks!

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