Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reader Asks About Facebook Campaign

A sweet reader recently wrote me and asked:

"...I have been thinking and praying about this current craze that has hit Facebook and ALOT of Christian woman/girls (and even some youth guys now) participating in the "I like it" purse comments... I am sorry but it sits wrong with me, as did the "bra color" campaign. I know a couple "Christian male perspectives" where given in January when the "bra" thing hit Facebook and they really were spoken with alot of sincerity about the need for awareness but that it does not glorify God when it is sexualized. I really would like to know if Steve has any insight or knows of anyone that does...would love to hear your thoughts as always.."

My personal thoughts? I think as Christian women we need to use discretion and we need to be wise. Having fun or raising awareness about breast cancer is not an issue--it is how we do it that we need to critically evaluate.

I, myself, saw the bra campaigns last year and was concerned. Do we not realize that we should be more careful about sharing private things?  I was encouraged to see many godly men, young and old, speak out as well and share their thoughts on it. I have to say, I felt a bit embarrassed that they even had to address this topic to women and other sisters-in-Christ.

I feel no different about the purse issue either--understanding that it is the same group behind it I was sad to see this going around Facebook again. Even though the question seems innocent---the answers seem suggestive. So I personally would not participate in that knowing the potential damage it could cause. I wouldn't want other men 'accidentally' thinking about me in wrong ways--especially through a Facebook update.

But am I surprised? No---I believe our culture has been so far removed from the teachings of modesty and discretion that many times we tend not think twice about these things. We wouldn't want our brothers to stumble (Romans 14:13) by reading updates about our favorite bra colors or where we "like it" (supposedly a purse). It instantly can conjure up images in the mind that can lead to sin.

Am I judging anyone? No. I, myself, need help in the issues of temptation so I am grateful when an older person speaks out on relevant issues. I cannot walk this Christian walk without the body of Christ helping to sharpen me (Proverbs 27:17) and grateful for guidance along the way because that is just what I am--IMPERFECT!

And as for my husband, Steve.....I  know he feels the same!

Those are my thoughts...hope my answer helps.

Have a blessed day as you seek to serve our Savior--the King!



Heather said...

I think it is sad, too, that our culture doesn't even give thought to modesty anymore.
Every time I see these status updates I cringe.

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

This is spreading like wildfire in my neck of the woods, too. I even have friends participating. One even sent a message to her girlfriends encouraging us to participate. It doesn’t sit right with me, and I won’t be participating, but I withhold judgment. Like your husband, mine shares my opinion on the matter.

As you said, raising awareness for this cause is not the issue, it’s the means by which it’s being done. Indeed, our culture has become so far removed from the teachings of modesty and discretion it’s no wonder campaigns like these are so popular and accepted.

On another note, I really enjoy your blog, especially when you address modesty. I was so excited to learn last week about a report from the American Psychologists Association (APA) regarding the affects of sexualization on girls. I wouldn’t be surprised if you already knew this, but I am excited to share this with you, just in case you weren’t aware of this.

Blessings to you and your family,


Mommy of 8 said...


I thought I was the only "prude".

A badge I wear with pride.

Everything you said is on point, I agree 100% but to add to it; I'd like to say that to me the enemy tries to insert himself in all things.

Including this campaign & as believers in Christ we should use the guidance of the Holy Spirit to guide us to do appropriate things & conduct our selves with decorum & class.

It's amazing to me that ppl. who get angry about this situation (pointing out the lack of class in the matter of telling ppl. what color your bra is, where you "like it") don't see that they aren't even making anyone "aware" of anything, they are just being crude.

How could anyone but the few ppl. posting these things know that your referring to Breast Cancer?

I didn't!

If ppl. really cared about making someone aware of the seriouse, deadlty issues with breast cancer they'd just post FACTs how is telling ppl. you "like it" ... or what color your bra is helpful?

But back to being women of God, it scares me how many "christian" women don't see anything wrong with it (just like with the Twilight Series).

It scares me because it makes me wonder if they are being "fed" & edified by their husband, their church & their friends.

Sister, I URGE you to stop setteling; to being like those of this world.

We can't serve two masters & either we're part of this world or we aren't, it's not possible to be both.

In love & In Christ,


Sharon Cohen said...

Thank you for these words on this subject. I have avoided this campaign - this worthy campaign - for two years running because it is unnecessarily suggestive.

Unfortunately, I was too offended to articulate as well as you.

Anonymous said...

here here!! Fortunately they are now rare on my feeds.. Thankfully!!

moreofhim said...

I so totally agree with you about this. I have been very offended by the purse thing because I do think it has a double meaning and,my opinion, is anything with a double meaning should just never be said. I do believe that we have to be careful not to stumble anyone and to always be edifying in all ways.

I'm so glad you brought this to light. I was thinking I was just being a prude about all this, but thank goodness, I'm thinking the same as many other godly women. :)

I am not going to judge anyone, but I am not going to participate either because it does not edify anyone to give a double meaning.

Thank you for this thought provoking post!

God bless you - Julie

Unknown said...

I am happy and a little wary that I have no idea what you are talking about. In one respect I am keeping my eyes and ears on things of God, but am I becoming ignorant of the issues. Facebook has never appealed to me, even though everyone is hooking their blogs to it. What do you think?

ladybug loves lilacs said...

I think it is sad that so many waste their time getting involved in these types of things on face book. It is really sad as we are only given so many hours in the day. We need to think of how we can use our time wisely and bless others by our words instead of letting things like this seep in and steal our time and thoughts. It also makes me sad to see professing Christians partaking in these things as it gives the wrong message to unbelievers. This is not judging others but judging for myself. I do not believe it is wrong or judgmental to share with those who send us these things, it may make them think twice.

Cherry Blossom said...

I have to say I totally agree! AMEN! It is suggestive and it gives an appearance of something else. Isn't that the same as a Sin of omission? Not disclosing the full story.

Kristin said...

Amen! My thoughts exactly!

Far Above Rubies said...

Amen, June. I received emails asking me to participate, but I didn't feel right about it.

I'm glad to hear many didn't feel right about it either.

God bless you.

Julia said...

Thank you for addressing this. I participated in the bra color campaign. I didn't feel quite right about it afterward, but just let it pass. My outlook has changed since then, and though this new purse "game" bothers me, I haven't been able to pinpoint why (because, as you said, it seems harmless). It's not harmless, and you've helped me sort of flesh out my opinion :) Now when my fb friends bug me to give my answer, I can tell them exactly why I won't.

Susan said...

Thank you!!!! I completely agree. I am not participating in this, even though many of my facebook friends are.
In case you don't know what we are talking about, I received a private message asking me to put as my "status" where I like to keep my purse. So, now there are lots of statuses on facebook that say "on the counter" or "on the floor". You can imagine what this makes others think...

I think it is crude and tacky.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agreeing. It's raging here in the UK just now, and for long enough I didn't know what it was about. All I can say it that it does produce unhelpful thoughts about what it means or what the person is talking about. I am surprised at how many Christians don't mind putting things like this on facebook.

Thanks for posting.

Sherry said...

Thank you June for not only answering my inbox to you, but using my concerns to create this post! And thank you to all you sisters in Christ that make me feel I am not mistaken by my own "prudishness"... I guess we can call it discernment. I love reading all the comments.. very insightful.

I do enjoy using facebook, as I did just this morning to put out a prayer request for a friend that went to the hospital via ambulance.... I would love to see facebook used to spread the awareness of not only breast cancer, but many things.

I will pray and decide how to use this forum to glorify God in this as well.

Thank you again June for your thoughts... and my husband Scott feels the same way Steve does!


Robin said...

Wonderful and timely article. Thank you!

I cringe when I see these - especially when I see my Christian sisters participating!

Carolina Girl said...

Thank you so much for posting on this. I, for one, had no idea what the "I like it" thing meant, and was getting increasingly upset at seeing my Christian friends posting on it. Now, at least it makes sense, even if I don't agree. To me, it's not worth it, no matter the cause, to act like the world. There are better ways it can be done!

Ann'Re said...

I agree. I was actually quite offended when I got an email from a friend about the purse thing and disappointed by the women I knew were Christians that participated. Both my grandmother and her sister had breast cancer and my cousin is currently battling it. Raising breast cancer awareness has nothing to do with sexual innuendos.

Michelle said...

Thank you for posting about this and I couldn't agree with you more. Unfortunately, I participated in the bra color one, never really thinking it through completely. Thankfully a Christian sister had the courage and the thoughtfulness to mention something about it.

Anonymous said...

my husband said facebook is the work of the devil, because what you say about some can be taken to the extreme and then this person is persicuted for no wrong and can destroy said person,we have heard of a young lady who was being bullied by her peers on it and she was being put through a lot.We think you have to be very very carefull at what you are doing and saying on it.


Jennifer said...

Thank you for this post. My sentiments exactly.

Anonymous said...

All I gotta say is I am glad our family doesnt do Facebook...

As far as raising awareness for a cause shouldnt have to go far as asking personal question regarding a womans bra or how they like it... seriously.. even Christians we can get warped into the ways of the world and sometimes the devil will utilize something that should be intended for good and find something to pervert it... I applaud the women on here who are allowing the spirit to give them that red flag and are listening to it... to many Christians sadly are not... and therefor their spirit has been turned down to a deaf silence...

Kela said...

Totally agree!
After the bra color thing last year, and the "I like it"... smear, I wrote this post:What Does It Appear To Be?

Beth said...

As Christians, we are to encourage each other towards godliness and wholesome thinking. Not use our freedom to cause other's mind to go in the gutter. There are surely other wholesome ways we can raise breast cancer awareness without being inappropriate.

christschild said...

I feel the same way. It just doesn't seem right to put those comments up for all to see...because like you said, it can cause a thought, that you wouldn't want. Thank you for this post. When I got an invitation, I just ignored it. I know the person who sent it to me meant no harm, but it just doesn't seem right. We have to let God shine through what we do and in what we say.
Have a blessed day.

Unknown said...

This one made me so mad, and I was shocked at how many of my friends actually responded!

Nicole said...

I was also completely embarrassed by this "campaign!" Like Heather said, I cringe everytime I see a status update reflecting this...ESPECIALLY when it is a sister in Christ who I is much further along in her walk than I.

Anonymous said...


I actually just wrote about this very think last week!

Robin said...

Oh - I had no idea where these things were coming from, either. I'm relieved to know it's a purse, but I am ashamed to say that my mind went elsewhere. I really don't know how this raises awareness of anything except our sinful natures.


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